Return of the repository

Because it’s still good to have thematic access, we (finally) took the time to sort the content into categories that may overlap and make it easier for you to find interesting things.

Edition of November 5, 2018: The repository is dead, long live the repository.

Too eager to add old content to the repo, we forgot to sort it. For the past month or so, the 350 or more documents that we’ve taken the trouble to index have all been lying around in publications and, except if you already knew where to look, you were unlikely to find.

IvanPais @ pixabay

So we took a moment to sort the documents into thematic categories. Arbitrary, Subjective and therefore Clearly Assumed. So of course, sorting is like safety, we can always find fault with it and improve things and that’s precisely what we are going to do little by little.

As for the old version of the repo, rather than restricting ourselves to a tree structure, we used a lattice. Documents and categories can appear in more than one category, which makes it possible to borrow more than one to get to the same place.

We will now be able to continue adding documents. The reconstruction of the site continues quietly.