Luchronia becomes free software

Spoiler: Luchronia is a web game that the arsouyes had developed between 2013 and 2015. Even though the adventure stopped due to lack of enthusiasm, we decided to publish it on github.

A few years ago, after rather classic jobs, we had the opportunity to work for our own account by creating our company (Quantyl SARL) and developing a video game (Luchronia).

We Need You

There is so much to say about this project that it would not fit in a single article…

In the meantime, we have decided to release the project and distribute it on github. Aside from the content of the blog (which included news from 1890), everything is there. Code and scripts are under BSD license, images and other media are under Creative Common.

Edit of September 25th 2023 : as it was not used by anyone, we eventually deleted this project.

It was a great experience in every way and we can only wish you to experience it too 😉.