Register clients in Landscape

Spoiler: Having Ubuntu Landscape is good, without connected clients, it is useless. Here is how to register your servers to have an exhaustive inventory. To add a client machine to Landscape, you must, on the client side, install the corresponding package, as well as the server certificate. Then request the registration of the machine from the server. On the server side, you will then have to accept the registration request.

You have installed Ubuntu Landscape, and you can’t wait to register all your servers there and see them appear in the interface.

several computers in a landscape, geralt @pixabay

Basic instructions for adding a new client are provided by clicking on the link at the top left of the main page You can register new computers by fellowing these instructions. This is how we did it.

Clients side

Installing the landscape client

We start by simply installing the package corresponding to the landscape client:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install landscape-client

Adding the certificate

If your client does not know the server certificate (which it should, remember, it is generated on installation and self-signed), client registration will fail. To avoid this problem, the server certificate must be added in the SSL configuration of each client.

If you replaced the server certificate with a certificate signed by a CA, the certificate of this CA must be added.

To add the server certificate, you must copy the file (which is located here: / etc / ssl / certs / landscape_server_ca.crt) in the directory of client certification authorities (which is located here:/ usr / local / share / ca-certificates /) and then update this list:

sudo update-ca-certificates


Finally, request customer registration with the following command:

sudo landscape-config                                             \
        --computer-title "<name>"                                 \
        --account-name   standalone                               \
        --url   \

Where <name> is the name of the machine to register and is the domain name of your Landscape server.

The following questions are asked:

Validation on the server

Once the registration request has been made on the client, the server must accept it. The number of customers requesting to register is visible on the Landscape home page.

home page

Via the list of computers

It is possible to access the list of computers awaiting validation in several ways:

All you have to do is check the authorized computers and click on Accept.

pending computers

Via computer directly

You can also go through the screen of the computer, specifically. To do this, on the home screen, in the insert listing the customers requiring authorization, click on the computer. We then arrive on a summary page, where it is also possible to accept it.


And after ?

Once the client park is registered, it is easier to take inventory of administrative actions and see if a machine has a particular need.