Edito 2021 - Stop or continue ?

Spoiler: A year ago, we presented our vision for the arsouyes website to you. 2020 is officially behind us (for a few days) and before starting this new season, we said to ourselves that a review was welcome (moreover, we had promised you).

Start of 2020, we had just finished the 2019 season rather nice with 58 articles, a google referencing which is slowly rising and, with our introduction to the journal of hacker, an exploding notoriety 😄. Above all, our business model and our vision are stable and simple:

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As you must have realized, 2020 did not really go as planned…


We got off to a good start in January (8 articles) but a big drop in motivation blocked us all February (only 1). We come back in March (5) and despite the confinement, we hold on (10 in April, 3 in May and 4 in June).

Then it’s the drama, no more juice for 4 months. Our business model shattered, after a survey in which many of you supported us we are reorienting ourselves towards the production of training. But doubt has settled in for a long time and it is very difficult to find inspiration to produce articles (1 per month, it’s really to say that we are still living).

So much so that we seriously considered stopping everything to start on other things…

At the beginning of September, google slightly changed its algorithm and we are amongst the lucky ones; the number of display and clicks starts to rise steadily.

Whether through historical trends, or our own experience on our website, vacation periods are always low. We see a decrease each time. The longest being July / August, which is why we weren’t worried about posting little at that time.

Clics and show on google search for the arsouyes website

In November, noting that the increase continues again and with some positive contacts in the cyberspace, we find the motivation and we publish 4 then 3 articles.

In the end, with these ups and downs, we reached 44 articles (less than one per week) but all in our editorial line.

And now ?

Even if for storytelling, we would like the New Year to be a kind of milestone, a before/after break, we must admit that we will rather continue the projects undertaken for a few months.


We announced it to you following our survey, we hope to publish cyber training. Basically, we prepared a lot of things in vulnerabilities and cryptography. We have researched a lot on the format because we must admit that the classic video trainings bores us a lot but we still have to experiment in January to see it it stir up.

Currently, we are in the midst of legal expertise which occupies us well, so we do not hope to produce our training before February.


At the same time, aryliin had written a cyber punk anticipation thriller (and yeah) and, since September, she has been posting it scene by scene on a specific website: freedomnia.org.

As you can imagine, there are real pieces of cyber in there and we are going to back the two projects by publishing, here, technical articles that echo the scenes that take place there.

And after ?

Just like last year, we have no idea if our direction is right and if it will work but the only way to know is to go and see. See you next year…