Corinne HENIN

I have always liked to take things apart to find out how they work. When I was a child, I took my parents' stove apart to find out how it worked or dialed free numbers in the village telephone booth just to see what it was like.

Later, I discovered the joys of computing and coding in BASIC on an Amstrad CPC 6128+. My interest in computers has not left me since, and I naturally turned to studying computer science and then specializing in cybersecurity.

Hacker (like it was in years 2000) at heart, my preferences go to forensic analysis, looking for evidence, and to the audit of applications. But I have advanced skills in the many areas necessary for cybersecurity.

I like to share my knowledge, via the blog, courses in highschools or conferences. But what I am looking for above all is to be able to reconcile my professional activity with my family life.

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