Privacy Policy

Even though it's obvious to us, it's worth writing for you.

As you may have noticed, the arsouyes website doesn't have any nasty pop-ups about personal data and GDPR. It's normal:

We do not collect any personal data.

The arsouyes

Voilà. But for a full explanation, read on.

Reduce your digital footprint

In order to reduce the personal data available to external providers (also called third parties), we provide all the resources necessary to view our pages.

The logos are uploaded from our website and prevent companies from knowing that you are uploading them (i.e. facebook, twitter, gitlab, github).

The plugins are also downloaded from our site to prevent CDNs from knowing that you are downloading them (i.e. MathJax for displaying math equations).

No advertising is shown on our pages, because [we don't like advertising](/ blog/2018/06_Supprimer_pub_pfBlockerNG), and therefore prevents data leaks.

The Connection is secure via the HTTPS protocol and prevents intermediaries from knowing which pages you are viewing.

If you wish to further reduce your traces, it is up to you to implement specific measures:

  • Configure a DNS server to prevent your ISP from knowing which domains you are visiting,
  • Use and configure a VPN or anonymization network.

Irreducible footprints

We initially hosted this site at home but following internet access failures, we preferred to host it with a professional, OVH, and thus provide you with continuous service.

This professional, like each of us, is required to comply with the laws, including this (franch law) article:

Les personnes mentionnées aux 1 et 2 du I détiennent et conservent les données de nature à permettre l'identification de quiconque a contribué à la création du contenu ou de l'un des contenus des services dont elles sont prestataires.

II de l’article 6, loi n°2004-575 du 21 juin 2004
pour la confiance dans l'économie numérique

Thus, OVH stores access logs to web servers for one year. For each resource you access on this website, OVH stores the following information:

For more information on OVH's privacy policy, we invite you to follow these two links:

Utilisation des données

Data usage

In order to get an idea of the traffic on our website, we use OVH access logs and to stay in our values, we anonymize them so that it no longer contains personal data.

And to be completely transparent, we analyze these statistics with Goaccess and matomo.

Trade relations

Insofar as we provide services in a professional capacity through our companies, and via the sale of some products online, we are likely to hold the personal information that you provided to us during your order (including your postal address for the delivery).

These data are archived in the form of invoices in our accounts.

Exercise of your rights

You can exercise your rights by contacting us . You can find more details in our legal notices.

If, despite everything, you feel that your rights have not been respected, you can send a complaint to the CNIL.