Thibaut HENIN

When we created the arsouyes website, I had not imagined writing this page. For me, the important thing in a website was its content. I didn't really see who would be interested in my little person.

But times are changing and since you are here, dear reader, you are interested in the subject...

Your servant at CESISEC19
Your servant at CESISEC19

In a nutshell, I am a hacker. My thirst to learn and understand all the subjects that I come across allowed me to acquire some expertise in computer security, programming, network and a whole bunch of other fascinating topics.

At the same time, I love to share my expertise. Whether by solving technical problems or by making concepts and knowledge accessible to others. Seeing a positive impact is a real source of joy for me.

Not having found meaning in my life as an employee, I decided to change course to live in tune with my values and my needs.

So I have fun during legal expertises, looking for digital evidence, discriminating explanations and other hypotheses to finally make everything accessible to magistrates and parties.

I also have fun when I give classes and conferences everywhere depending on the opportunities (If you are interested, let me know 😉).

The site des arsouyes is for me a space of expression where to share my knowledge and thoughts. A way for me to have a positive impact on the world.