A distant getaway

A short story written for a competition.

They had made a date here, in this far and far away place.

For the past few months, they have been living in the same shared apartment. They had gone from acquaintances to friends, and then more. Although very nice, the other roommates left them too little privacy. They had therefore decided on this getaway, both, in order to find themselves alone.

— "I'm happy to finally be able to be fair with you," said Quentin, holding out his hand to Erin. This happens to us too infrequently. Come on, come on! The view is magnificent on the other side of this ridge. "

Erin grabbed his hand and followed him along the path that led to the top.

— "Have you been here before?" , she asked him.

— No of course not. But I made sure that this trip, and everything that we see there, is magical. And I know that the spectacle that must be presented to us, up there at sunrise, will be beautiful. Finally, if I am not mistaken in my calculations.

— Don't worry, I think it will be perfect. But we should hurry. The sun is already showing the tip of its nose. "

They walked a few more minutes in silence, hand in hand, then, behind the last bend, a green valley whose beauty was breathtaking appeared.

— "Too bad we can't go any further," Erin hissed. I would have liked to walk this valley.

— Yes, I know, but it's not planned yet, I haven't had time, replied Quentin "

In front of the beauty of the moment, Erin leaned down and put her head on Quentin's shoulder. He put his arm around hers, and as he turned to her… A siren sounded.

—"Oh no, not now… he said to her." I wish I could have stayed longer here, away from it all, with you.

—Me too, she told him.

The place was so beautiful it looked real. Who would have thought it was a digital simulation, a world created especially by Quentin, for the two of them to cut themselves off from the rest of the world.

After one last look, they disconnected and returned to the real world. If their friends picked them up here, we needed them.