Arsouyes go live

On the occasion of Root-Me 10K, the arsouyes were live on twitch for two sessions where you were told the story of hacking. We could well try the experiment on other subjects...

A live on twitch?

For all those who start computer security in France, root me has become, over the years, a must for training in computer vulnerabilities. Especially for those who want to make it their job since HR have come to recognize it.

This year htey have organized a CTF and a series of conferences on cyber- security.

10K event announcement

Among the technical conferences (buffer overflow, kernel modules, ...) we had the honor of participating in two more cultural sessions on the history of hacking, a way of transmitting to new generations a bit of our common history, to understand better today and anticipate tomorrow.

If you weren't there (or even if you were in fact), here are the replays and PDF slides:

  1. Part 1 (pioneers) : replay on youtube, slides en pdf,
  2. Part 2 (industry) : replay sur youtube, slides en pdf.

The conferences were told in french so any related content is also in french and not translated. If you are looking for an english version of the slides, it can be found at our lectures at UBS.

If you publish those lives on other platforms, please so we can add a link here.

Other lives?

As it went well (and also because it had been on our minds for a while now) we decided to move on and embark on another live adventure...

Simoneph - pixabay

The idea is to let you ask us your questions by email to see which topics interest you the most and then, once a week, to select a theme to deal with during the next live with you.

We're not going to lie to you, we have no idea what form it will take and we intend to improvise over the experiences of this new adventure...