0x01.01 - Erin

Erin put down her coffee on the fifth of the day. Another hour, and she could finally go home. Not that she was unhappy in that little computer firm where she was doing her work-study program this year, but if there was one thing she didn’t like, it was staying for nothing.

freephotocc @ pixabay
freephotocc @ pixabay

She knew full well that she was done with what she needed to do today, that she didn’t need to get ahead of tomorrow, and most importantly, that she wouldn’t be effective on anything else now. Since 7:30 am, her busy day, her brain had been dry. Nothing good would come of it now, if it wasn’t for mistakes and bugs that she would spend even more time fixing later. It would be better tomorrow, but in the meantime, she had to stay a little longer, to maintain “social peace”.

In an hour, she could go out without having envious looks from her colleagues or angry from management. While waiting Erin, like the rest of her colleagues, was zoning out on the Internet. On forums, often in IT, but especially on his school’s fablab page.

Erin was quickly won over by the concept; no need to speak, or have skills. If you knew yourself you could share, if not, others would be happy to share their knowledge. She liked that in this place there was no competition.

“Here, tonight, they’re going to explain how to create his models for 3D printers…” Erin thought to herself. Maybe the activity would interest Phyl. He was a geek, passionate about machines, and new technologies. He was what Erin could consider her best friend. They did not have the same options, but both attended the fablab, often on the same days, and participated in the same activities. Although they didn’t really see each other outside of the fablab, there was a certain bond between them. By dint of participating in the same workshops, they sympathized.

Erin expected to have another hour to shoot when the chief poked his head through the open space door.

— ”Good evening everyone !” Say him from afar.

He received in return a few good nights from colleagues, who quickly returned to their computers, showing the boss how busy they were.

Erin got up and went to wash her cup. She reconnected and checked her emails one last time. The chief could be heard for a few more minutes in the hallways, by the time he finished walking around the offices, then it was quiet.

Five minutes later, everyone was putting their things away. Erin is delighted, she would be arriving at the fablab earlier today.