0x01.02 - The fablab

Erin watched the landscape pass through the window of the bus that brought her back to the city center. He dropped her off a stone’s throw from her house, and a block away, she entered her school, then headed for the fablab. She found Phyl there among the robots.

ZMorph3D @pixabay
ZMorph3D @pixabay

— “Erin!” You are early today!

— Hi Phyl. How is it going ?

— Great ! “.

Phyl was stamping impatiently.

— ” Come ! A third year friend told me about something, and I wanted to talk to you about it, he told her as he left his robots and walked over to the coffee machine.

— He taught me something huge! How about having the opportunity to go to a high school … Well, I heard that ENISA(European Network and Information Security Agency.) is running a competition, he began.

— Yes, a big school, that would be cool, but frankly, I don’t think I have the level for, answered Erin.

— Don’t talk nonsense! You are one of the best in your class. And then, what we do there will be far more interesting than anything you can do in this little computer box.

— That, you are not wrong. “

Phyl returned to her robot. Normally, Erin would have continued to work on the AI of the robot in question, she had read somewhere that a genetic algorithm could be used to produce a neural network capable of driving the beast, but Phyl had piqued her curiosity and she couldn’t focus on these stories of fitness, local minimums, and other rates of convergence.

She went to the ENISA page. There was a page dedicated to the contest, but even after digging deeper into it, she couldn’t find any details about the events or their school. It was frustrating.