0x01.03 - The competition

Erin was still digging for information when a teacher interrupted her.

sweetlouise @ pixabay
sweetlouise @ pixabay

— “Hello Erin, he said to her, greeting her. May I speak to you in private for five minutes? And to you too? he said in direction of Phyl.

— Hello Mr. Corbeil, Erin replied. No problem. A coffee ?

— Yes thanks. Come, you two, we’ll get down there, he added, showing them a table in a corner. You may know, but ENISA is organizing a competition to find promising profiles and get them into their new high school. As a professor in your cybersecurity option, they contacted me to encourage the most promising students to enter the competition. What do you think ? — Me, I’m super motivated sir! enthused Phyl.

— Uh, Erin replied. That would be cool, frankly. But I’m not sure … I never thought about applying to schools … I always thought it was for prep.

— No, not this time, as it’s brand new, it’s open to all levels. In your case, you would directly integrate the last year. And even though it’s brand new, I think it’s worth it, ENISA is still the biggest cybersecurity agency in Europe …

Erin, you are well enough to apply for this kind of competition, believe me. Frankly, you should register. And you too, Phyl. In addition, since you know each other, you could take the opportunity to work together for the competition …

— It’s fine for me, said Phyl.

— I’m not sure, Erin replied.

— Come on, Erin, Phyl added.

— Erin, if you don’t have the level, I don’t see many people in this school who have …

— Well, OK, I’ll think about it, she said finally.

— Great ! I take that for a yes, he told her with a wink. Okay, I’ll leave it to you, I have a few other students to check out. Good evening to both of you.”