0x02.01 - The day of the competition

Erin had finally agreed to participate and as the journey was long to Rennes, where the events for his region would take place, they had arrived the day before and had taken two rooms in a small hotel.

Dmitry Djouce @ flickr
Dmitry Djouce @ flickr

They had found a creperie close by and were enjoying their evening. Phyl, as usual over the past few weeks, sat staring at her laptop screen on god knows what while Erin quietly flipped through one of the cybersecurity magazines Mr. Corbeil had left them to complete his class (which was only an introduction actually). GlobalSecurityMag, Misc, Hakin9, Erin had discovered a new world she had been eagerly exploring ever since.

She was quietly finishing reading an article on the latest advances in cryptographic hash function collisions ...

- "I'm exhausted, I'm going to go upstairs to bed," said Erin finally.

- Already! But it's barely 10 p.m. We still have plenty of time to work on a lot of stuff! Phyl replied.

The last few weeks had been complicated... She and Phyl each had their own way of preparing: Phyl thought you had to excel in a particular subject, and got down to it like a die-hard man, While Erin preferred to encompass more things. possible without taking the lead.

- I'm not sure, Erin said. I prefer to have slept well.

- Yeah.

- Frankly, do you really think you can record something at this hour? I remind you that we rode part of the day and have already spent a good part of the evening working, she added.

- Yeah, yeah, Phyl replied, returning to her computer.

Typical of Phyl that. He had insisted that they review together but consistently refused her suggestions. So Erin had given up and let him continue on his own when she wanted to move on and he wouldn't listen anymore.

- Well I'm leaving you. We will meet again tomorrow morning for breakfast. Do we say 7 o'clock?

- Yeah yeah... "

Erin stood up and left the restaurant. She could be sure that Phyl, on her side, wouldn't be going to bed for several more hours and that he would have small eyes tomorrow morning. She preferred not to exhaust her batteries and be on top the next day. Everyone has his point of view...