0x02.04 - in the VR

Finally ! After following the tutorial, far too interventionist for her taste, Erin was finally going to be able to do what she wanted. Of course, she would never have been able to figure out how to program her little robots on her own, but these simplistic missions always bored her.

nickross2021 @ pixabay
nickross2021 @ pixabay

The morning was rising over the remnants of the nocturnal attack that ended these training missions and she was not sorry for the respite. So she had a whole day to prepare for the next attack, which was sure to begin at the next sunset.

The monsters weren't exactly intelligent or difficult to defeat, but his robots were no better. Unable to communicate or organize themselves, she had to run from one end of the camp to the other to adapt their orders and send the reinforcements to the right places, all in the din of explosions and the stress of stray bullets ...

Even though her brain knew that it was all about virtual reality and that she was safe, his limbic system was not of the same opinion.

For now, her non-combatant robots had emerged from their shelters and were moving peacefully around her. She had programmed them to collect resources according to a rather crude algorithm; after their random walks, they would bring back whatever they found that might be of use.

Logically, and the tutorial had insisted on it, Erin should have taken advantage of the day to manage these robots more finely and optimize her economy but she needed to rest her nerves and first wanted to dig into an idea that she had had during the previous battle.

She had realized that the contest organizers had actually adapted a pre-existing video game. It was way more economical than developing a new one (by far) but they hadn't taken the time to remove the original game elements ... including a whole bunch of purely decorative items.

They actually had no economic or military utility intended in this variant but since they did not cost anything to produce, Erin wondered if she would be able to use them as a means of communication ...