0x03.01 - On departure day

Erin got on the train. After hesitating for a long time, rereading the contract several times, she ended up signing it and sending it back.

Ben Deck @flickr
Ben Deck @flickr

OK, it was full of confidentiality clauses, but in the end, it was summed up quite easily: "The technologies of the Academy are confidential, suddenly: we do not talk about what we do there, all communication will be censored and it it will not be possible to leave the campus except during certain periods of the year defined in the contract ".

Come to think of it, it was only natural that ENISA should seek to look after its interests, so this contract made sense. Besides, Erin wanted to know what all those secrets were worth.

A quick glance at her ticket, and she walked over to her seat. She sat down by the window and put her headphones on her ears. As the trip would be relatively long, she had planned music, books and crosswords.

Erin closed her eyes and tried to doze off. A noise came out of his torpor. Someone had entered the compartment and the bag she had put next to her was being moved. She was about to protest when she saw it was Phyl.

- "So like that, you signed? He began.

She hadn't spoken to Phyl since the day of the contest. She later learned that she was ranked first in her region. Phyl, meanwhile, had stepped out in the last few days of the VR room, and she hadn't known more. When she was out of her interview, Phyl was waiting for her and when he saw her arrive with her contract in hand, he had a fit of jealousy. They had argued and hadn't talked the whole way home. After a few attempts, Erin even stopped joining him at the fablab.

Phyl made a second attempt.

- "It's cool that we're both starters for the Academy, don't you think? "

She nodded to him and leaned back against the window. So Phyl was there too? Why not after all. He was competent and motivated. Well, more motivated than competent actually ... And maybe the right motivation could tip the scales. No one knew what the profiles were. Erin decided not to blame Phyl too much, it would actually be nice to know someone there. Besides, he had missed the enthusiastic, overflowing Phyl.

Phyl had repeated the VR test several times and was only at level 87 when the examiners removed him from the room. The examination time had expired. Then he had seen her quite happy with her contract in hand, and had a hard time digesting it.

He apologized for being cold with her and explained that he had only been contacted very recently, after a second review of the files. And that he owed his draft to his writing results, and his psychological profile. Finally, it was mainly because several people had not wanted to sign the confidentiality contracts. Basically, he was given his chance, up to him to seize it.

With Phyl, the trip was much quicker than expected. As they left the train, a taxi was waiting for them.