0x03.02 - Cherry

After a relatively long journey, the taxi dropped them off at the entrance of a military airfield. About 20 students lined up to go through the security gate.

Bluesnap @pixabay
Bluesnap @pixabay

- "I thought there would be more of us than that... There are so few of us !? remarked Phyl.

- Oh my guess, we're not all here. We have already arrived by train, if it is the case for the others, their train may not have arrived at the same time. Then if I wanted my top-secret Academy to keep the rest of it, I would avoid attracting attention, so I would avoid a huge rather shady gathering at the entrance of a military airfield. I think they are bringing us in little by little to keep it low key.

- It holds, retorted a young red-haired girl who was waiting nearby. Hello you two, my name is Cherry.

- Hi, I'm Erin, he's Phyl.

- I noticed you, you came together. And you're the only ones I've seen doing it since I've been here. Well, OK, it's not been very long, the line is moving fast. But the others were all alone in the taxi... Do you come from the same school? I come from a small school, where not many of us entered the competition. I am the only one from the school who was selected, I feel a bit lonely here ...

- Yes, we come from the same school, we were the only ones to take the contest but we were both lucky to be taken, Erin replied.

"Anyway, it's cool for you that you know someone," she said with a big smile. Doesn't it stress you too much, all these mysteries and these confidentiality clauses? Me, it tends to twist my brain. Anyway, the last test they did, with the helmet and stuff, was cool. I can't wait to see if that's the kind of thing we're going to learn at the Academy ... And then, so glad to see that there are other girls ... "

Cherry was a very cheerful and above all very talkative person. The journey would seem shorter.

They were directed to a C130 plane. They waited a little longer, then we closed the doors, asked them to buckle up, and the plane took off.

The discussion quickly turned to the Academy's position. By locating themselves in the sun, they knew they were heading roughly east. Then the plane began to descend. They landed at another military base and were escorted to a bus.

After driving very little on the main roads, the signposts of which meant nothing to it, the bus plunged into a glacial valley, surrounded by high mountains, whose roads were smaller.