0x03.04 - Site visit

Cherry pushed Erin forward, into the stream of people following their guide.

Tom Parnell @flickr
Tom Parnell @flickr

- "What the hell are they hiding so much that we don't even have the right to go for a walk ..." Cherry asked.

- Well, we don't care, here we are, and that's what we wanted. We are in it! Phyl retorted.

- Yes, well I hope that they will have planned discotheques and something to do shopping in their academy, because living in autarky, it's all well and good, but me, I do not intend to spend my time just working " Cherry replied sulkily.

Erin was already wondering if there was a way around the barrier... After all, we weren't recovering... Erin had always liked looking for weak points in the protective mechanisms.

They entered the main building and visited the administrative premises; a row of offices. At the end was Mr. Kowalczyk's office.

They were then told that the rest of the building was of no use to them, nor was it specially intended for them and that they would not be shown around. These included server rooms.

They then walked around the main building, and to their surprise, behind it lay a sort of small town.

You could find a small hospital there, to overcome the most urgent problems without having to leave the valley and a fire station. Another part of town had leisure facilities so that they could occupy themselves at the end of the day and on weekends, again without having to leave the compound.

Most of those present were students, and they were used to going out regularly. And the Academy had thought of everything. There were discos, bars, pubs, cinema, skating rink, library, theater, music room, sports hall ...

- "Not enough to go shopping?" said Cherry , a little disappointed.

"Me, personally, I'm already surprised they thought of all this," Erin told her.

"Yes, they've done a hell of a lot," Phyl retorted.

Without getting upset, Cherry approached the person who was visiting them, and said:

- "Sir? Can't I see anything to shop for here? It's not that it's not cool, on the contrary, the place looks great, but frankly, I can't see myself spending a whole year with what I put in my suitcase.

- Yes, yes, we have thought about it. There are quite a few shops. With the amount of students and staff in the Academy, it is obvious that there is enough to buy clothes, otherwise we would be spending our time bringing in orders from outside ...

"But, since the stores are still anecdotal, and we know that fashion is important to young people, we will be bringing more stores to the site several times during the year. In order to maintain the security of the site, the passage of these shops will only be done over a few days.

"For everyday products, such as shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, you can order from our services using the computers available to you in your rooms, and come and collect them from the stewardship of your dome. We have an internal website dedicated to this. Otherwise, do you see that big empty space over there? "

The professor pointed to a huge empty field, a little out of the way of the recreation area.

- "This is the place we call the Fairgrounds, this is where all of the Academy's pop-up events will be located. Arrival of shops included. Okay, now let's go visit the France dome. "

The small group headed there. Erin noted in passing that most of the domes looked already occupied and that they weren't the only group visiting the Academy.

The main dome of the France dome contained the classrooms. They were packed with computers, VR rooms, and there was even an amphitheater. At the entrance to the dome, the famous stewardship, where they could come and get everything they might need for work or as basic necessities, and an administrative space.

From the main dome were small corridors leading to small residential domes. One corridor and one dome per class, five in total.

They were made to take one of the corridors, which led to theirs: the Jacquart dome. It consisted of bedrooms, toilets, a dining hall and a laundry room. The other four classes at Dôme France had also received big names in French IT: Pascal, Arsac, Pair and Colmerauer.

They were asked to divide into small groups of two to four, so that they could be assigned a room. There was no solo room. Erin and Cherry moved closer. Phyl left in search of a group that looked nice.

Once the tour was over and the rooms assigned, they were given free time until the end of the day to get to know the establishment and recover from the fatigue of the journey.