0x03.05 - Free time

Cherry and Erin were resting in their room. It had been furnished with two beds, two desks with computer, a wardrobe and a sort of small living room.

StockSnap @ pixabay
StockSnap @ pixabay

Cherry had taken over the right part, but the room was symmetrical, and who had which part didn't change much.

They had walked around the room quickly; The beds were basic and the closets very large, already partially filled with bed linen, toiletries and cleaning products. A desk equipped with a state-of-the-art computer and equipment they had not identified were on hand, and on the desk was a welcome booklet.

The living room had a small two-seater sofa, an ottoman and a coffee table. The room was obviously very rounded in shape, as one would expect from a room bordering a geodesic dome.

Finally, at the entrance to the room was a kitchenette; a sink, a hob and a microwave.

- "I think we will be fine here," said Cherry. Anyway, I'm glad I found a friend to share my room with. I was worried that I would be alone at first, but the ride gave us a chance to sympathize.

- Me too. I had a small dorm room, but I was alone in it; I'm not really used to having to share my home. But even if it means sharing it, I'm glad we got to choose with whom. I think it's gonna be a great year, Erin replied.

- Well, enough rested! What if we took advantage of the rest of the day to walk up and down the campus and across it? Cherry asked.

- Yes I totally agree. I can't wait to take a look at everything that has been planned for us here.

- Yes, me too, replied Cherry.

- Do you think we have the right to go to the other domes? Erin asked.

- I don't know, but I don't see why we couldn't. They invited us to mingle with the other students. And then, they only made it clear that you couldn't get out of the compound, or walk around the main building without good reasons... Otherwise, they said nothing, "Cherry replied.

The girls left their room, determined to make the most of the end of the day.