0x04.03 - Rendez-vous

Erin had just checked her room and made sure there were no cameras when Cherry entered the room. She had been allowed to return to her room.

aprilsylvester @pixabay
aprilsylvester @pixabay

Cherry had met Phyl on the way and they had chatted; He had told her he had invited Erin over for a drink. Cherry was happy for Erin, but at the same time a little bit envious. She loved Phyl very much and would have given anything to be in Erin's place. Cherry had a lot of admirers at the Academy, but the one she was interested in was Phyl. Erin thought it was due to their characters. She had always thought that Cherry and Phyl were very similar and should get along wonderfully, but who knows why, it was her company that Phyl was looking for.

Cherry was such a great friend, despite her urge, she just helped Erin get ready.

- "You know, Erin, I'll be honest with you." I wish it was mine that Phyl offered to go for a drink. But since it's yours, there's no problem. I just wanted you to know, said Cherry. Things are much simpler when you are honest with others and with your own feelings.

- Thank you, Erin replied. I'm very lucky to have such an honest friend like you. And to be honest with you too, I'm not sure where I stand with Phyl. When I feel like we are on the same wavelength, there is a quack and we pull away. I frankly don't know if we should continue to see each other, or if we should go our separate ways.

- I'll tell you what I would do in your place, and then you choose. Personally, I would give it a try. And if it doesn't work, it shouldn't have worked. But at least you won't regret not trying.

- Thank you, Cherry. "

The girls continued chatting for a while, until it was almost time.

- "Good luck, Erin. Personally, I will probably go to bed and sleep until tomorrow. I'm still having trouble recovering from the operation.

- OK, it works, I make no noise on my way home. Asset ! Erin replied.

Erin took the hallway of the Jacquart dome and entered the France dome. The afternoon hustle and bustle had subsided. Most of the students were heading to the dorms, so the mood this week was not really party.

No more students would be operated on tonight, so there would be no errors during operations due to fatigue. Those who were not fortunate enough to be released by 8:00 pm tonight would be spending the night in the hospital dorms.

Erin stepped out. The air was cool at the end of the day and totally suited the mood and what she was feeling. She walked towards the small town. There were not many people on the way.

- "After all, indeed, why not give it a try?" If it has to work, it will work, and if it doesn't, it shouldn't be, but it could be a fond memory, "Erin thought to herself.

Cherry was right. She was enjoying life and taking it as it came and seemed to always be in a good mood. Erin found she was slowing down as she approached the cafe... She resumed her usual pace and walked the few feet that still separated her from the pub with a resolute step. Outside the porch, Phyl was waiting for him.

- "Hi Erin, I was hoping you were coming," Phyl told her.

"I told you I would come, so I'm coming," Erin told him, immediately reproaching herself for her dry tone.

- OKAY. So it's cool. So let's go in and have a drink ".

Phyl grabbed Erin by the arm, who was blushing, and led her to a corner of the pub. They sat down at a table and ordered a drink.

- "Look, I know I haven't necessarily been super nice to you lately, that's why I was wondering if you would come. I don't know if I wouldn't have let myself dawdle stupidly for a stupid time in front of the door, just to get revenge..., began Phyl.

- Oh, you know, I'm not like that. If I say I'm coming, I'm coming, if I have a problem, I find a way to make you say so.

- Yes I know. And that's exactly why I like you so much. "

The two young people looked at each other for a moment. Without knowing quite what to answer. Then Phyl changed the subject.

- "Uh... It seems that Cherry was released from the hospital. Hope all went well for her.

- Yes, she looked okay. Just very tired. Either way, she's kept her usual good humor, so that's a good sign, Erin replied.

- So much the better. What do you think of this chip? We were not necessarily given either the time to think about it, or the choice to have it.

- Personally, it bothers me. In every sense of the term. There, the scar itches a lot. But what bothers me is that they took advantage of our desire to stay here, of the fact that they made us sign countless confidentiality papers, and that we can feel their eyes behind our backs. time, in order to prevent us from moving back... I have the impression that we were taken hostage in order to implant this chip in us without being able to really say no.

- Yes, it's true. I don't know anyone here who would have said no. But afterwards, maybe it is just that, the confidential element that requires all this secrecy. Maybe they've discovered a chip that allows such interaction with the machine that they don't want other world powers to know about it.

- Possible... Erin paused. But do you mind the way it was done?

- Not really. We were OK from the start to test this techno. Either way, I was there to learn and get involved. If it has to go through that to continue, I go for it. Now that the bullet is there, I would rather go with it than ask myself questions. "

Phyl put her hand on Erin's hand.

- Listen, Erin. It's not necessarily the kind of conversation I had in mind for tonight. Everything always has to be too serious. "

Phyl paused a little. Erin wasn't sure what to do with her hand, and left it where she was, while Phyl continued.

- Erin. I've been thinking about it lately, and gods knows that's not necessarily my forte, he said trying to be funny ... Well, OK, that wasn't funny ... I realized Keep in mind that every time I got angry and tried to put some distance between us, soon after, I really wanted to get closer again and see you again. I'd like to know what you would think about going out together. There it is. "

Erin had expected something like that, but not necessarily so blunt... She took a little time to find the words.

- "Phyl, I like your company too, but lately it's either been getting along really well or seeing each other for days. I have a little trouble knowing whether or not I want to go further or not.

- Look, I realized that it was me who kept you away every time. And that I was the one doing anything and being rude. And since I'm here, asking you the question, it is because I am resolved that this will not happen again.

- So I'm fine with me. We can go out together, and we see where it takes us. OKAY ?

- OKAY. "

They finished sipping their drink in silence. Then by mutual agreement, walked out of the pub and headed to the cinema, to catch the next session.