0x05.01 - The day before the fair

"Implant week," as it was now called, had passed for a while. We didn't talk about it anymore and the routine resumed; the lessons had started again, much more intensively since they had finished the refresher course, the practical work too. They had been able to take their first steps with their new implant in the practical work of the virtual reality course. And indeed, it was possible to immerse oneself in a truly believable way in a virtual world thanks to it.

ivandequito @ pixabay
ivandequito @ pixabay

But what secrets are there for just that? ! Erin was still wondering what had happened to them. What could the implant allow that we hadn't explained to them? If it was just a better interface to the machine, she found the means put in place to guarantee confidentiality to be disproportionate. Or maybe this feeling of being locked up was just going to her head.

She had opened up to Phyl. But he, as always, thought she was too serious and had too many questions. And as so often lately, she wondered what they were doing together ?! They were never on the same page about anything. He never took her fears seriously and found her paranoid.

Once, Phyl had come to admit that indeed, it was a lot of mystery about little. But he had concluded, with his usual optimism, that the explanations would eventually come of their own and that it was not worth the trouble.

Especially since this weekend, the excitement on the Academy campus was at its height. This Weekend would take place the first fair; That is to say, for the first time, people from outside were going to come and set up their shops for two days on the fairgrounds. And finally allow them to leave their daily grind.

It was true, the small town of the Academy offered a lot of possibilities, but we quickly got around it, and real new things would really change our minds. Cherry had already planned to rob the shops. Above all, Erin hoped to have the opportunity to chat with outsiders and see new things.

OK, all exhibitors must have been selected by the Academy. So they all had to be aware of the different censorship imposed on students and respect them. Their loads and the contents of the shops also had to be checked; it goes without saying that she would not find any means of communication in the shops. But there would be clothes, luxury goods, and a few computer products. It would be a bit new.

There would also be new bars, theater and music companies for two days, thus allowing the programming of the small town of the Academy to be renewed.

Erin and Phyl had convinced Cherry to accompany them to the premiere of the play which would take place on Friday evening. This was the first of the events to open, and we'll have to wait until Saturday morning before the rest of the fair is open.