0x05.02 - In the evening

Classes had just ended and they had two hours left before the performance. Phyl and Erin had agreed to meet right in front of the theater, so Erin could spend the evening with Cherry.

Bev_E @ pixabay
Bev_E @ pixabay

Erin wasn't sure if it was her and Phyl's or the surgery, but for a while, Cherry had lost some of her spirits. She would have liked to find her friend before and hoped the fair would revitalize her.

The girls walked to their room, and spent a moment talking about anything and everything, then went to the dining hall, which was unusually open earlier that day.

Once their meal had been swallowed, they went out to look at the installations on the fairground. For security reasons, because there were so many tents and temporary buildings under construction, access was not yet allowed. But it was possible to go and observe the installation a little further.

- "Personally, I will change my clothes well," said Cherry.

Erin smiled, Cherry had already told her about it a few times this week.

- "Yes, it might be nice to go shopping together," Erin replied.

- Yeah, that would be cool. But I thought you were mostly going to walk the fair with Phyl.

"Yes, too, but that's no reason not to go out with my best friend," Erin told him.

- And especially not because it's floating between you two at the moment ... Anyway, that would make me happy, "said Cherry.

Cherry smiles. It's true that since Erin was with Phyl, the two girls did less together.

- "OK, we do that. It will do me the greatest good to go out with you. What about you, what would you like to go see?

"Me," Erin replied. I do not really know. Cultural elements. I hope there will be book stands, music stands ...

- Yes, it is true that the cultural programming of the city is repeated a lot. But hey, I would be you, I wouldn't be delusional either. All the books that come in for the occasion will have gone through the Academy's censorship, so you're unlikely to find anything different than in our libraries.

- Yes I know. "

The girls still observed the construction of the fair. Their gaze then fell on the other students, who had also come to observe the erection of the tents. They weren't the only ones who got out early to see the construction of the buildings.

- "I think tomorrow it might be war in the fairgrounds," said Cherry .

- What do you mean ? Erin replied.

- Well, imagine. We are 50 in our "class", and there are 5 classes in our dome. If you consider that the other classes have roughly the same number of students, that's about 250 people in the France dome, just counting the students. If we consider that France is one of the most populous countries in the EU, and that suddenly our dome is one of the biggest, we must be among the 2000 students in total, suspiciously. Maybe a little less, I don't know the population of all the countries by heart... And then, we can also add the teachers, the housekeeping, etc... It's a lot of people on campus. And what I do know is that we are all sick of seeing the same thing over and over again, so there will be so many of us walking the fairground tomorrow.

And then, thanks to the implant, it is now possible to obtain instantaneous translation of all languages. So we will all be sharing all the stands.

"Not wrong," Erin replied.

The young girls headed for the theater, which had been set up a bit away from the fairground.

There they met up with Phyl, then had a great time with the waiting girl. The theater had limited capacity, and they had planned ahead to make sure they had a seat.

The theater played a romantic comedy that evening. The evening was pleasant, although short. A large number of the personnel of the small town had been requisitioned to set up the tents. Suddenly there was nothing to do this late evening, and the young people quickly returned to the dome, said goodnight to each other, and went to bed.