0x05.03 - Promotion

The next day, Cherry woke up at dawn and literally jumped on Erin to wake her up. Cherry intended to make it first at the fairground to get past the influx of people.

tsmr @ pixabay
tsmr @ pixabay

Erin, still not very awake, dressed with difficulty. Then it was complicated to convince Cherry to go through the breakfast box. She swallowed her breakfast in less than two, then stamped impatiently as Erin finished hers. Indeed, the arrival of the fair had allowed Cherry to regain her spirits. Some students had obviously had the same idea as the young girls, and here and there we saw a few heads not very awake in the refectory.

Stressed by a Cherry leaping impatiently beside her, Erin hurried to gobble up her breakfast, then they walked over to the fairground. Erin hoped that the tent set-up would be completed and that they would have good access to the place. She didn't really like the idea of being out of bed early for nothing.

But it wasn't. Although most of the stands are still closed, the fairgrounds were already open. The morning passed quickly. Time to explore one store, and another had eventually opened. By mealtime, Cherry had her hands full of bags.

The girls separated. Erin was to meet up with Phyl in the Dome dining hall to eat together, while Cherry intended to continue walking around the booths.

Erin therefore walked towards the France dome. Although she had enjoyed this morning with Cherry, she was glad to get away from the hustle and bustle. As there were breweries at the fair, not many of them would eat in the refectory. Which suited Erin very well, who craved a full, balanced and above all calm meal. She found Phyl at the entrance to the dome, then they went to eat together.

- "What did you do this morning?" I take it you spent the morning with Cherry? Phyl asked, starting the discussion.

- Yes. She made me get up at dawn to go to the fairground. And we must have done most of the fashion boutiques. I guess she's going to be ironing in some on her own this afternoon.

"Knowing Cherry, it is very likely," Phyl replied.

- And you, you went to see the fair with your roommates? What did you do ? Erin asked him.

- I really couldn't. This morning, I had a conversation with Mr. Garceau, the manager of our dome, replied Phyl.

- Is that so. Did you do anything stupid? she said, laughing. No, seriously, what did he want with you? Erin asked.

- I'm not sure if I can talk about it. He asked me to keep this to myself.

- That's smart to tell me he talked to you, but after telling me you can't talk to me ... Well, it's up to you, I won't force your hand. But if you wanna talk about it, you know you can tell me anything. I won't talk about it, even to Cerise, if you ask me.

- Yes. I know. I trust you, that's not the problem.

After some time to think, Phyl finally spoke again.

- Yes, I want to talk about it, it's true that I've been going through my head since this morning and talking about it might help me. Mr. Garceau told me that despite the containment measures and the Academy's confidentiality clauses, they feared leaks and attempted exits by the students. Since implant week, they have had to deal with several requests from students to leave the program, to whom they had to firmly remind them of the terms of the contract. And they caught several people trying to get their way around the compound.

- Normal. I'll admit that I myself wasn't very comfortable with the idea of an implant, and it crossed my mind more than once, Erin admitted. It's just that I'm too cynical to contemplate that the Academy could agree to let me go now, and too smart to attempt to cross the security barriers ...

- Yes ... And I confess that I am very glad you did not try anything. Mr. Garceau told me that the Academy wanted to recruit students who would be in charge of monitoring the morale and intentions of other students.

All this in the greatest secrecy, so that their role can remain effective. From what I understood, based on my psychological test results and my involvement here, they determined that I was the perfect fit.

So they asked me to participate. Finally, asked is not necessarily the term. I was promoted to overseer of the Jacquart Dome, but it was already in effect before they even told me about it, Phyl told him.

"Um... I would say congratulations, but I don't know if that's appropriate," Erin replied.

- Yeah, me neither, and that's my problem. I'll admit that I love what we're doing here, that I find the implant so cool, but I like the idea of coping the students a lot less. But at the same time, I'm very flattered that the Academy has chosen me ...

- Well, tell yourself it's because the Academy monitors people's morale, that can't be a bad thing, right? tried to reassure him Erin.

- Yes, it's true. I can see it like that. Thanks Erin, I knew I could count on you. He kissed her, looking like he had suddenly recovered his morale.