0x05.04 - Blackout

Erin was not convinced of the merits of the surveillance the Academy wanted to put in place. Because she was beginning to have doubts about the very merits of the Academy. The confidentiality clauses were still valid, but the ban on talking to relatives, the precinct, censorship, the implant, the snitches, the permanent pressure and now the internal coping via the students themselves ...

But she didn't want to embarrass Phyl. If he had been promoted to Supervisor, he surely didn't need his girlfriend to share his doubts with him; He would have to choose between protecting her and denouncing her... And besides, this post looked so much like Phyl. Even though he wasn't very ethical, she was sure he would be happy in the job ...

Erin and Phyl then decided to go to the fairground together. After randomly walking through the aisles, they came to a stand where a sports competition was taking place. The stand offered a sort of obstacle course, with obstacles to overcome over, under, and race. Apparently, given the excitement, this was a popular booth. The spectators were numerous.

Erin didn't like competitive things at all, but Phyl couldn't help but participate as soon as he could measure up against the others and put himself forward. Especially since Erin was there, so he wanted to wow her.

Leaving Erin at the entrance, Phyl made her way to the reception and asked to participate. Erin, meanwhile, nudged herself to find a place where she could see the course.

She saw Phyl stand on the starting line, along with the other participants. After a countdown, the referee whistled for the start and everyone started to run.

Phyl was doing pretty well. He wasn't first, but he was in the lead. Now it was a matter of climbing a rope up a wall.

He passed one of the participants, who couldn't climb, and stepped onto the monkey bridge. Keeping pace, he descended the next rope ladder and crawled into the small tunnel. Moments later, he came out a little dirty, but with a place gained.

Erin was laughing inside. That was good Phyl: whenever it came to a competition, even though he didn't have the skills to win it, he ended up in a decent place because he wanted to win. His mind was his strong point, but it was also a weak point: you could get her to participate in anything as long as you told her it was a competition.

Phyl was now in third place, but had no great chance of overtaking the top two. There was still a wall to climb before using a rope to descend to the finish line. He was still in a better position than Erin would have bet on when he signed up.

And then, as he climbed, he slipped. Perhaps a moment of inattention, and he found himself on the ground. As he did not move and remained inert on the ground, the organizers arrested the other participants, then brought a stretcher out of the area.

Erin slipped past the spectators and eventually reached one of the organizers, who was preventing the curious from approaching. She introduced herself as Phyl's girlfriend, asked for news, and was allowed to approach. He was lying on the stretcher, and smiled when he saw Erin.

- "You saw, I almost succeeded. I was even third at one point, he told her.

- Yes, Phyl. I saw. What's happened ? You are hurt ? Erin asked him.

- Yes, my right ankle hurts like hell. The organizers think I may have a sprain. They've gone to look for those responsible, and they'll probably take me to the hospital. On the other hand, for what happened, it was total white. I remember starting to climb, waving at you, then feeling pain in my ear, then it's pitch black. "

At that time, Mr. Garceau, arrived with a medical team.

- "Hello Phyl, so we fell?" He asked her smiling.

- Yes sir.

- Call me Wyatt, I told you this morning. And her, what is she doing here? Why did you let him pass? he said, pointing a finger in Erin's direction.

- She's my girlfriend, and she's checking in on me. "

Mr. Garceau looked at Phyl sternly.

- "I didn't know you had a girlfriend, you didn't tell me.

"It's fairly recent," Phyl replied.

- OKAY. She can stay a little longer, but don't let her bother us, "he said, looking annoyed.

Then he turned to Erin.

- "But I would ask you not to accompany us to hospital." You will hear from Phyl in due course, when we give you some news. Don't worry, he should be out quickly, but we would like to give him some more tests. "

He turned to Phyl again.

- "So like that, you told the organizers that you had a blackout, and that you just remembered a great pain?

- Yes sir.

- We'll keep you under observation for a little while to figure out what happened. We will avoid spreading this word. A movement of panic because of a misunderstanding happened so quickly "

Wyatt Garceau turned to the medical personnel who had accompanied him.

- "Take him to hospital, we are already going to start treating this ankle which is causing him pain. As for you. What's your name already?

- Erin Berger, sir.

- Which room are you in?

- 42, Dôme Jacquart.

- Do you have a roommate?

- Yes. Cherry Deblois.

- OKAY. Erin. I promise we'll get back to you soon from Phyl. But I don't want hospital visits. It's coming out soon, so don't bother. Understood ?

- Yes sir.

- And not a word about this blackout to anyone. Phyl officially missed a catch, fell, and is being taken to the hospital to treat his ankle.

- Well sir. Can I say a word to him before he leaves?

- Go ahead. "

Erin walked over to Phyl.

- "Phyl, Mr. Garceau told me that it was benign and that he did not want me to accompany you to the hospital, or even to come visit you, because according to him you will be out soon.

- Don't worry Erin. I'm ringing you on your phone when I'm out. Meanwhile, try to find Cherry and enjoy the fair.

- OKAY. "

Phyl was taken away. Erin was left alone for a while. She pulled out her phone, hoping to find Cherry, but she had planned to attend a concert this afternoon, and was unreachable.