0x05.05 - Reading pub

Erin was in no mood to go stupidly to her room to wait for a phone call from the hospital, which sure wouldn't come for hours. She therefore walked randomly along the fairgrounds. Well, random wasn't really the word; instinctively, she avoided the crowd, and chose the aisles less crowded with people.

klimkin @ pixabay
klimkin @ pixabay

At the end of the aisle, in an area where there were far fewer students and entertainment, she came to a small, friendly-looking booth. It was a reading café. We arrive, we take a book from one of the shelves, then we read while sipping our drink. The booth apparently didn't attract many people, but it did attract Erin like a magnet. It was the kind of booth she liked.

Erin walked over, rummaging through the libraries. But it was weird; These were largely patched up books. Erin grabbed a random book, and went to sit in the corner.

1984? What was this book doing here? It was amazing that the Academy allowed this kind of book to get here. A book on a society of surveillance, reduction of freedoms and censorship could only give ideas to students ...

Erin settled back in her chair, began to leaf through the book. A waiter appeared in front of her.

- " You want to drink something ? he asked.

- A coffee please.

- Do you like the place? The book selection too? He asked her with a wink.

Erin was a little surprised, looked behind her to see if the wink was intended for her. Well, apparently the wink was on her. She answered calmly.

- Yes. A very surprising selection indeed, but refreshing.

- Glad you like it. I'll get you your coffee. "

When the waiter brought her coffee, Erin was immersed in the book. A few minutes later, a stranger asked him if he could sit at his table. Seeing no inconvenience, she agreed.

She stared and was surprised to find that he must not be one of the students. And, she didn't think he was a teacher. She couldn't be sure, because given the number of people at the Academy, she couldn't know everyone, but a little something about this stranger made her look, precisely, foreign to the Academy.

- "I see that you have interesting readings," he said to her.

- Yes. It's a good book, she replied.

- And what do you think ? "

Trick question. Erin hesitated. What if it was this famous Academy watch group, and we wanted to test it? Well, let's test it. After all, you couldn't take away her freedom to think.

- "I think it's good to have your freedom. The answer was simple, but she said what she meant. She was also showing that she didn't necessarily want to talk about it anymore.

- "And you find that you have some freedom here?" he insisted.

- Indeed, the place lacks freedom. But at the same time, we live a unique adventure.

- Do you think that justifies depriving yourself of your freedoms and implanting a chip against your will?

- How do you know about the chip? I thought what happened in the Academy stayed in the Academy? she said to him. Are you there to watch me?

- I have my sources. And if that's any reassurance, I'm not from the Academy, I'm not going to denounce you for what you think. "

The stranger handed her a piece of paper.

- "If one day you have the desire to think differently from what you are asked, here you have a way to bypass the firewall, well enough to reach the Darknet. On chat, ask for Kwier. "

The stranger stood up and left Erin alone with his piece of paper.