0x06.04 - A matter of trust

Erin walked resolutely towards the fairground. She was determined to find Cherry and let her know.

sweetlouise @ pixabay
sweetlouise @ pixabay

She found her, like the day before, flitting through the clothes stands. But now that she knew about the implant, Erin found it very superficial. Erin wondered how many students around her were already under the influence of the implant, and how many had ever had a blackout. It was all of a sudden very stressful.

She grabbed Cherry by the arm, and asked her to follow her.

- "Are you okay, Erin?" I had just found new clothes that I hadn't seen yesterday! The fair closes tonight, I want to make the most of it!

- Cherry, I need you! It's urgent !

- Need me ?

- Phyl just broke up with me. Come on, this is important, Erin replied.

- Oh my poor. "

Cherry put the clothes she had on the counter and walked Erin into the bedroom. But she was surprised when Erin didn't burst into tears in front of her. Instead, Erin told Cherry in detail about the conversation she had just had with Phyl.

- "Gosh," said Cherry at last. I would not have expected this! I found the Academy a little weird, with all its secrets and everything, but this ?! And Phyl, does he know why they're doing this?

"No, he didn't tell me about it, but at the same time, he just overheard a conversation that was not intended for him..." Erin replied.

She then told him about Kwier and the darkweb, and told Cherry her intention to leave the Academy if she found a way out of the compound.

- "And you would come with me?" She asked him.

- I do not know. I don't want to be a robot, but I can't leave Phyl. You know, I like him a lot, even though he never realized it and he only had eyes for you, and robot or no robot, I want to stay by his side. Besides, I trust you, Erin. If you get out of there, you'll find a way to get us out too and save Phyl.

- Thank you for your trust, Cherry . But I would still prefer that we both get out of there ...

- I know. Now let's say no more, said Cherry happily. I don't want to worry you the day I get screwed too. So the less I know, the better.

- OK. "

They walked back to the fairgrounds, determined to act as if nothing had happened and make the most of what should have been a happy day.

Erin followed Cherry to many shops, Cherry followed Erin to the book shops. They returned late to eat in the refectory, and went to bed.

Erin turned on her PC. They had agreed not to discuss it again, but Erin was reluctant to tell Cherry that she had a virtual date with Kwier. By the time she turned around, Cherry was already asleep.