0x07.04 - Bypass protections?

Erin spent the next two hours working on the Obfuscator. It was a part she had neglected until then.

Lucent_Designs_dinoson20 @ pixabay
Lucent_Designs_dinoson20 @ pixabay

If they had not focused their energy on the implant, the little Kwier program would never have been ready on time. But now she needed to be able to use her computer to deactivate the implant for hours at a time, and wished that no one had tried to improve the Obsessor.

She went through all the files Kwier had sent her, on the characteristics of network sniffers, and learning and checking software, in case she forgot anything that might be useful to her now. And she did not realize the comings and goings of Cerise in the room. The latter, seeing Erin very busy, had been quiet.

Finally, after two hours of relentlessness, Erin threw all the leaves on the floor.

— " It is useless !

— What is no use? asked Cherry, who was reading on her bed.

— Oh, Cherry, are you there !? How long have you been here?

— On my bed ? At least for a good half hour. But I've been in the bedroom several times over the past two hours, and you haven't moved an inch.

— Cherry, do you think you could help me?

— What is it on? said Cherry.

— Something about bypassing protective measures.

— Your computer security option? The one I didn't take? "

Erin hesitated, but since Cherry had asked her to stay out of this, she ended up responding.

— Yes that's it. I am asked to find ideas to remain as discreet as possible in a network having a surveillance system with these characteristics… You see? There, they collect the information, and the habits of the users… There, they aggregate them. Here, it's an AI who learns the behavior of the person…, Erin explained, showing a diagram to Cherry.

— Yes. So this AI would be doing machine learning and unsupervised classification ... So the idea is to behave differently than usual, but which goes unnoticed.

— Yes that's it. "

Cherry reflects. Although she was quite eccentric and liked to shop, she was nonetheless very bright.

— "I've been on this for two hours and have no ideas," Erin explained.

Cherry grabbed a pencil and thought for a few minutes.

— "The ideal would be to have the sniffer learn the new desired behavior, so that he ends up seeing it as normal. By going there by successive keys. That way, the behavior change would be invisible.

— Yes, but what if time ran out?

— If there was no time ... "

Cherry spent a long time studying the diagrams and thinking.

— "And you thought about ..." and Cherry scribbled on the diagram, for several minutes.

When she finished, Erin stared in amazement at what Cerise had noted. It was brilliant.

Cherry before considered using spoofing so that the traffic is not directly linked to the sending machine, but to another on the network. Like that, everything she did on this machine would seem to come from another. Suspicion would fall on someone else.

The idea was simple, relatively easy to implement. Erin thanked Cerise, who returned to her book. Arranging so that the address was not Cerise's, Erin took a random address, to make it appear that the traffic coming out of her computer was coming from another.

That person would have some trouble until the Academy investigated directly on their PC and found out that there was nothing.

In the meantime, Erin would have had time to do whatever she wanted to do. On the other hand, she surely couldn't use the spoofing thing more than once ...