0x08.01 - Finally free ? and after that ?

After waiting all night and long stressful hours of waiting, Erin finally had access to her implant. The tool provided by Kwier had done the job and disabled it.

geralt @ pixabay
geralt @ pixabay

She finally felt free. But that was also where the real fun began. Because once all the students were under control, the Academy would realize that there was one and all of their attention would be on her.

So she had to find a way out before she was spotted, but first she had to gather all the information needed to free the other students.

As she was in the place, she was the only one who could do it. She couldn't afford to leave the Academy until she had been able to collect as much information as possible. #freedomnia wouldn't have the chance to re-infiltrate the scene a second time.

At the end of the day, Erin hurried back to her room. She couldn't wait to log into #freedomnia.

First reassure Kwier, then know what to do next.

Today she learned that the Academy had detected abnormal activity from a Spanish student's post, and that he was now subject to internal investigation. She was willing to bet that the student's IP address was the one she had used to hide her tracks, and that the Academy would find nothing in this poor student. She remembered to thank Cerise for her idea.

On the other hand, she had used a cartridge; henceforth she had to avoid using spoofing, except in an emergency, because, if it happened too often, it was not only the position of the accused person that would be controlled by the Academy, but there would be surely a general check in all rooms.

Erin logged into #freedomnia. Kwier was relieved that Erin was free from the threat. Not only because it guaranteed him that his ally wasn't going to betray them, but also, because since the time Erin and Kwier were conversing via IRC, every day a kind of bond had formed between them.

They were eager to meet face-to-face, but also feared this future meeting, and that it would ruin the bond they had on the network.

Anyway, it wasn't for now.

That evening, Erin, Kwier, and the other #freedomnia members discussed the rest. Most of the #freedomnia members wanted as many students as possible to be released.

Kwier, he thought that would give suspicion to the stewards and that it would damage their plan. Finally, Erin's proposal; releasing only students she could trust, that is, who had not yet had a blackout, was accepted.

Then came Erin. Everyone agreed that we had to get her out of there quickly. They didn't know how long it would take for most of the other students to be under control, but the fewer students left to control, the more likely she was to be watched.

Besides, she had noticed that Mr. Garceau had watched her a lot today. It might have been paranoid, but she hoped that he wouldn't make the connection between the activities of the day before and her ... and that he would not have the idea of placing her under observation either. hospital and put his implant back into operation. Maybe he was wondering why they weren't already in control of her ... Still, Mr. Garceau had taken a piss out of him ever since he found out about Phyl and her ...

Well, well ... Before leaving the Academy, it was necessary to collect as much information as possible.

#freedomnia quickly made a list of the information they might need. There were the specifications for the implant. All if possible. Whether it is for interfacing with the computer, access, control ... They would have several uses, such as freeing up students more easily, or using them themselves to go on the network.

It would also require the specifications of the electrified barrier. If it had no design flaws, we would have to know how to deactivate it. Or, plan to hack it, so that it can be opened from the outside. It would all depend on its design ...

And then, ideally, the Academy plans, because it was always useful to know where what is. In particular, server rooms, management offices, technical rooms, or other rooms that were not known to exist.

To a lesser extent, if she could retrieve the names of all the leaders, staff, and people who worked at the Academy just to know who not to trust.

Finally, if Erin could get her hands on any other interesting document, she shouldn't hesitate to pick it up and pass it on to #freedomnia.

Erin obviously couldn't hack into the Academy's internal network from her bedroom. It wouldn't have been quiet. And she didn't want to reuse the spoofing, in case she needed it later.

After telling the others about it, it was suggested that Erin act at night, attempting to break into one of the classrooms and using the network from there. Even if she left traces, they would lead to the classroom. As long as there wasn't more surveillance than that on the premises, it should be able to do it.

Erin logged off. She knew it was going to keep trolling for a few hours on #freedomnia, and wished she could stay. However, the next day, when she logged in, Kwier, as usual, would give her a summary.

It was hard to only attend express meetings. But over time, she had come to trust Kwier, and if he trusted the team, she trusted them.