0x08.03 - What does Cherry think?

The next day was the weekend. Erin stood up more serene; she had concealed or destroyed anything that could have harmed her.

congerdesign @ pixabay
congerdesign @ pixabay

Suddenly, she was going to be able to start recruiting: In the event of a bad choice on her part, and an inspection of the Academy, they would not find anything in her room.

But where to start ? Erin then realized that other than Cherry and Phyl, she didn't know many people at the Academy. She obviously knew those of her class, but from afar. She was too discreet.

OKAY. So, Phyl and Cherry. Maybe then they themselves would have some ideas. Though, better to avoid Phyl.

Until Cherry woke up, Erin would have used an idea from Cherry to improve the obfuscation tool; data breach. But she wasn't sure how to go about it. So she had to use the obfuscation tool, to access sites that would allow her to understand how to improve the obfuscation tool ... It was like the cat biting its tail. And she preferred to keep her daily uses of the tool so that she could chat with # freedomnia and especially Kwier.

Maybe he could do some research on his own, find him some documentation on evasion techniques and send it to him via IRC one of the next times. She should talk to him about it.

Cherry woke up. But Erin wasn't sure how to approach him. Cerise had asked him not to involve him; the less she knew, the less she could reveal to the Academy without doing it on purpose. But things had changed now that it was possible to get rid of the implant control.

During the whole time of these reflections Erin had stared at Cherry without speaking to her ...

— "What, do I have a pillow mark on my cheek? she said, laughing.

— What ?! Oh no… "

Cherry stood up, stretched, and looked Erin straight in the eye.

— "You want to talk about something, but you don't know how to broach the subject," Cherry told her simply.

— Uh, what ... How do you know ?! Erin replied.

— It shows. You know, I know you well. So what's the problem with you?

— It's about the implant, but we said we weren't talking about it. And that's what bothers me. "

Cherry got up, grabbed a decanter and poured herself a glass of water.

— "Bah, go ahead, tell me. Anyway, since we said that, not a day has gone by that I didn't wonder what you were doing. In fact, I'm dying to know more about your latest advances. And then I took the time to think it over. Just letting me do it won't improve anyone's life here. So if you have a way to keep me from getting checked out, I'm in for it.

— OKAY. So much the better, it relieves me. Yes, there is a way. We'll have to get out of the Academy quickly though, though, Erin replied.

— Oh well, and why can't we just pretend ?, Cerise said to her.

— Personally, I don't want to risk it. I don't want them to realize that I am the only person in the Academy who is not under their influence. It would be too fishy ...

— Yes, seen like that. Did you tell Phyl?

— No, you're the first person I talk to about it. Besides, I haven't had special contact with Phyl in the past few weeks, Erin replied.

— Listen, said Cerise. I hadn't told you about it, because I was afraid you would take it badly. But since you're not with Phyl, we've continued to see each other. And we're together now. So if I'm going to leave the Academy, we have to talk to Phyl about it, so he can come with us.

— I'm happy for you, Cherry. I know you've always had a crush on Phyl, and I'm glad it's finally reciprocated. However, Phyl had asked me not to trust her. Besides, now that I think about it, the Academy didn't take a good liking to Phyl having a girlfriend ... How did you do it?

— I can be very persuasive when I want ... Besides, Mr. Garceau likes me quite well. I met him a few times and pretended I loved what we were doing here.

— Cool. Me, he always had me in the collimator.

— Yes I know. But I can't imagine leaving the Academy without Phyl. So it will be with him or not at all.

— OKAY. I will talk to him, but I guarantee nothing. That way, if it's a bad idea, there won't be any consequences for you.

— If at least you try, I'm fine. Afterwards, he will make his own choices ...

— And if he doesn't.

— If he doesn't want to, I'll help you anyway. "