0x09.02 - Under surveillance

After joining the great room of the dome France, Cherry left Erin to join Phyl. Erin, meanwhile, leaned back in an armchair with a book. She intended to see Pierre, Victor and the others and plan to deactivate their implant check-up routine.

joshuatutu @ pixabay
joshuatutu @ pixabay

But for that, she would have to be patient and wait for M. Garceau to relax his surveillance, or else rely on Cherry.

Erin glanced around the room. Cherry was making a household scene for Phyl. She was arguing with him for bringing Mr. Garceau to his room. Erin knew it was windy and that soon they would be reconciled. Cherry would surely take the opportunity to tell him that she could help him watch her.

Erin continued to observe the room and met Mr. Garceau's gaze. Erin knew he was watching her, and he knew she knew it.

She continued to look around the room and wandered her gaze over everyone. She didn't want him to realize that she was watching Cherry and Phyl. She caught sight of a few blinking eyes, like Phyl's, and some heavy gazes that lingered on her. Some students, already under control, were to have the same instructions as Phyl and supervise the others.

Erin found it hard to stand standing there, doing nothing, but she didn't want to go back to the room without Cherry. Not right away at all. She was worried that Mr. Garceau would show up again, and then, without Cherry, no access to the computer yet.

By the time she was thinking, Cherry and Phyl had reconciled and had just left the room. Erin waited a bit, then put down the book she had picked up. She hadn't read anything, just turned the pages, just to put it off. Erin had the feeling that Mr. Garceau would not let go of her today. The day was going to be interminable. But she did not intend to give him the opportunity to confirm his suspicions. So she left in the direction of the city, just to hang out there.

At the end of the day, she found Cherry in the bedroom with pleasure. The latter told him about her day; She had given Phyl a soap and then explained to her that she understood it and that the Academy meant a lot to her too. She had explained to him that she didn't think Erin was doing anything wrong or special.

They'd then spent the day together, and towards the end of the day, she'd offered to keep an eye on Erin. Proposal which suddenly seemed practical to Phyl and which he was going to pass on to Mr. Garceau.

Talking about this one, Erin explained to him that she had spent the day playing the role model girl, under his near-constant supervision. She had been to the library, to the pub, to take a walk in the park ...

Each time, she had seen M. Garceau, in a corner, watching her. She might have wasted her day, but so was he. Nothing she had done today was thrilling, and he must have been bored to death. Come to think of it, it made Erin smile who found that deep down, her day was successful since she had managed to make it unnecessary for Mr. Garceau.

Erin wondered why anyway, he hadn't had his implant checked. This is what she would have done if she had been the director of that dome ... and luckily he hadn't. But after all, he had no reason to think that with the means at her disposal, she could manage to turn it off, if at all she knew about the routine. He was probably waiting for her to fall under their control in order to "reprogram" her. In the meantime, he was just making sure she wasn't a problem.

That evening, Cherry and Erin joined # freedomnia from Cherry's computer, and reported the events to Kwier. He worried about Erin and wanted to rush her exit.

He told them about the action plan that # freedomnia had put in place during the day. First, free the students Erin had recruited. It had become a priority now that the Academy was able to control some students. And even if you have recruited them, you might as well do it quickly.

Next, Erin had to break into the school's computer network and retrieve the blueprints of the Academy. With these plans, she could figure out where to find the server rooms and how they were secured. If she could physically connect to the Academy's servers, she could access whatever documents she wanted. Because if there was a chance to find the school plans on the internal network of the Academy, it was certain that the more critical documents, such as the specifications of the implant, hardware and software, or those of the electrified barrier that surrounded the campus.

Finally, the ideal would be to open a backdoor directly on one of the servers, so that # freedomnia members can access the heart of the Academy from outside.

So much for the main lines. Kwier then sent them an improved version of the software to remove the check routine. Thanks to the information obtained during the removal of Erin's, it had been possible to improve the algorithm and optimize it.

Cherry and Erin closed the tchat. As long as Mr. Garceau was watching Erin, Cherry would therefore have to support her with a lot of things. The most important thing for the moment was therefore to free Cherry.

But how to do it since, in spite of the modifications of Kwier, the software would still take hours to function. Erin didn't want to use spoofing a second time, anyway, not from her bedroom. If the Academy had been able to figure out what had happened the last time around, they might have put measures in place to determine the true origin of the messages.