0x09.03 - And two

Erin offers to use the classrooms to deactivate Cherry's implant. By using one of the rooms from another dome, no suspicion would fall on them. She explained in detail to Cherry how she went about going out the other night, and after thinking about the question for a long time, they decided that Erin should go with Cherry in order to avoid her being caught.

lechenie-narkomanii @ pixabay
lechenie-narkomanii @ pixabay

And she could kill two birds with one stone: watch the room and use another station to research the Academy plans. Even if it means risking getting caught by going to another dome, as much as that is as useful as possible.

First Cherry, she would free the others after. Too bad for # freedomnia's plan, they weren't there, she ultimately decided what to do next.

Erin and Cherry waited until 11 p.m. At this hour, no one was navigating the corridors. Either they were in town or sleeping.

Erin left her room for the first time to do a first spotting. Using the pretext of going to the bathroom, she passed Mr. Garceau in the halls, making a round. She greeted him, and entered the bathroom. She waited a bit, then came out, greeted him again, and went back to her room.

It was better to wait. An hour later, it was Cherry who came out. She greeted a security guard, who was poking his nose in a corner. The surveillance of the domes has been stepped up since the incident at the Spain dome. There were more and more patrols in the corridors.

— "Good evening. You seem to be sleepy, she told him. I don't know what I ate tonight, but my stomach hurts a little. "

— "Good evening, Mademoiselle," said the guard. You're right, I should go to bed anyway, we're being asked to watch the domes, but I'm not sure what. Well, I was told to do it until midnight, so that's okay. Have a good night, he told her as he walked away. "

Cherry rushed to the bathroom then returned to the bedroom. They waited again to be sure.

At around 2 a.m., they stuck their noses out of their bedroom door. Really nobody ... Even the last students were now home because classes were starting early tomorrow.

Using the blind spots, the girls made their way to the restroom, walked up to the skylight, and sneaked outside.

— "It's acrobatic," Cherry laughed. When I came here, I never thought I would visit the Academy in this way. "

It was nice to be with Cherry. She always had a tendency to see the bright side of things. They marked the sanitary window with a piece of cloth, so they could easily find it, and crossed the few meters that separated the France dome from the neighboring dome.

— "Maybe it's not very smart to do that in the dome next door," said Cherry. Technically, there are only a few meters separating it from our room….

— Yes, you're right. We will walk along the Finland dome all the way, and we will go to the Italy dome. Hope all the domes are roughly the same, Erin replied. I wouldn't like to have a bad surprise when I got there.

— Yes me too. But after all, there is no reason the architects did it any different. "

Erin led the way, Cherry behind her, skirting the Finland Dome, remaining as discreet as possible. They paused once or twice, to let guards pass, then continued to reach the Italy Dome.

The Italy dome was about as large as the France dome; the Italian population not being very different from the French population. The girls quickly determined which was the main dome and which were the living domes. If the dome looked like theirs, the classrooms had to be on the first floor.

Erin volunteered to climb the dome. Thanks to the outer structure of the dome, climbing was easy. It was enough to lean on the planks and to hoist oneself on the one above. Aside from a matter of vertigo, the higher it climbed, the easier the ascent as the structure flattened with height.

She looked out of a window; it was indeed a classroom. She motioned for Cherry to join her as she tried to discreetly open the window. By passing a small fine iron ruler between the window and the doorframe, on the side of the lock, she had succeeded in unlocking the window. When Cherry reached this one, Erin was in it. Again, the Academy hadn't happened that students could do this stuff; no alarm protected the room.

— " So, what are we doing now ? Cherry asked. If we run the program like that and it launches alerts, they'll quickly reapply here.

“Yes, I thought about it,” Erin said. We will spoof the IPs like last time. Even if they realize what happened, it'll be after, by studying the logs, and we'll be done.

— The best would be to leave traces here. A number of well-dosed traces. That way, if they come back up the track, they'll get to this room, in the Italy dome and they would have no reason to suspect anyone from the France dome.

— Good idea Cherry. Fortunately I have you with me, you are always good advice.

— Let's say we both make a good team. You, you are technically super gifted, and I, I give you ideas that I would be unable to implement.

— You devalue yourself, you're super gifted too.

— So, let's stop throwing flowers at each other, and let's get going?

— Yes. "

They turned on a PC. Erin began to manipulate it into believing the traffic was coming from another computer, then Cherry took a seat. Erin started the program that would free her from the implant.

In case the machine sent the server an alert when it started up, Erin forged a new one, simulating shutting down the computer. Hopefully, no one would come to see why the machine had started, since it had already stopped.

Erin hadn't thought about it the last time, she was in too much of a hurry, but it didn't seem like the implants had a way to geotag their wearer. It would have meant that they emit waves ... which could have been damaging to the brain. Fortunately for them, otherwise, going to another dome would have been useless, it would have to check the geolocation of all the implants to find out who was there that evening, at this time ...

Erin turned on a second computer, did the same for the traffic, then searched the Academy's network for detailed plans of the administration building.

A few hours passed. At one point a patrol passed down the hall, but they didn't check the room.

The Academy's network was tightly closed, and Erin couldn't find anything. She glanced at Cherry's screen. The program had successfully connected to his implant, and was in the process of deactivating it. In less than half an hour, they could leave. The sooner the better, because staying in this room was very stressful.

Besides, Erin wondered what time Mr. Garceau was going to start patrolling the hall again. If he took it up too soon, it would be hard for them to go back the other way. Well, she had to stop her paranoid. Just because Mr. Garceau didn't like her didn't mean he was going to use crazy means to watch her.

Nothing in the documents accessible to the students, normal, she would have guessed. Then the password cracking tool she launched an hour earlier in the hope of recovering Mr. Garceau's password ended up bearing fruit. She had chosen Mr. Garceau because he was the only person she knew who could have access to this kind of information, and whose identifier she knew. Finally, she knew his name was Wyatt and had deduced that if her login was bergere, hers was likely to be garceauw ...

Cherry had just woken up from the kind of artificial sleep she had been put into when the tool started to connect to her implant. Everything seemed to be going for her. She disconnected and moved closer to Erin.

— "I have Mr. Garceau's password, I'll try to retrieve the plans on a USB stick," Erin whispered.

Noise was heard in the hallway.

— "Hurry up," said Cherry.

Erin quickly rummaged through the administrative directories to which Mr. Garceau had access. It was too bad, there seemed to be a lot going on, but she had to focus on that plane.

She eventually found it and hurriedly copied it. She shut down the computer, retrieved her key, and they slipped through the room window, just as the room's door opened to a group of supervisors.

Fearing to make noise on the way down, the girls stayed a little while on the ledge.

— "Viene da qui.

— "It comes from here," Cherry whispered. They are looking for us.

— Yes, but they suspect Italians. They're probably going to search the hallways and not think outside. Finally, I hope. Let's get down quickly until they think about looking out the window. "

The girls literally tumbled down from the dome. It wasn't long before the sun was rising, they had to hurry. If they waited too long, they could be seen crossing campus. Not to mention the difficulties they would have to return to their rooms discreetly after everyone woke up.

They walked along the Finland Dome, found their piece of cloth, which they picked up on the way, and entered through the toilet window. A quick glance down the hall, and they returned to their room.

— "Phew," said Erin, closing the door behind her. I had only one fear, and that was to see Mr. Garceau at the corner of the corridor.

— Yes. Me too. Like what your paranoia ended up rubbing off on me. He doesn't like you, OK, but to the point of standing in front of our room at this time ...

— Well. At least it's done. Relieved?

"Relieved," Cherry replied. Like I'm coming out of a bad dream.

— And still up for the future?

— More than ever. And then a good little stress from time to time, it perks you up, ”Cherry replied, laughing.

Erin smiles. Cherry definitely had a knack for seeing everything on the bright side. And she was glad it was her friend.

Erin took the USB key from her pocket, and put it on Cherry's PC. After launching the obfuscation tool, she checked to see what she had collected. They were going to send the plan to # freedomnia and above all, to see what happened next with Kwier.