0x0a.02 - Mutual aid

Erin and Cherry were to join Pierre, Victor, Alexis, Zara and Fabien later in the evening.

TemperateSage @ pixabay
TemperateSage @ pixabay

They hadn't returned to their rooms and were waiting outside, but Erin and Cherry had to go back to theirs. Mr. Garceau still made unannounced visits to the girls' room too regularly to show Erin he was watching her. Cherry found herself forced to stay in the room as well.

After waiting long enough to make sure Mr. Garceau didn't pass, the girls slipped through the toilet window to the edge of the forest. Going out through their own window was too much of a risk, because if you saw them from a distance, you could go up to their room, while if you saw them from a distance coming out of the toilet window, they had sufficient time to escape. , and nothing could bring back to them.

After a safe exit, they arrived at the rallying point.

— "Good evening everyone," said Erin simply. Thank you for being here. It is increasingly difficult to find allies at the Academy, and I thank you very much. You've noticed that recently it's been Cherry who has taken care of everything. In fact, Mr. Garceau, the steward of our dome, is suspicious of me. Okay, okay, we know he's right, but it's super impractical ... Anyway, thank you, even though now that you're here you can't really back down.

— Erin, what do we do if they detect that we no longer have the control program? Zara asked. "

It was indeed a critical question that everyone was asking.

— "We will avoid it and get out of the Academy as quickly as possible. This is our priority. Hopefully we get there before they know anything about it, Erin replied.

— And for our loved ones outside? asked Fabien.

— I think it's best to leave them out of this. Your families, this is the first place the Academy will pick you up after you're out of there, so it's best to avoid going back.

— But could we leave them a message? Victor asked.

— The folks at # freedomnia will be asked to give them some news, to let them know that everything is fine. But for now, you'd better be forgotten.

— I think the French administration must be aware of what is going on here, said Pierre. For me, Erin is right, if we run away they will look for us. It is in our interest to remain discreet as long as possible.

— Personally, I don't want to join # freedomnia. I'm more than OK to get out of this, but not to take risks, Zara said.

— Do you have family outside of Europe? Erin asked him. Because you won't be safe anywhere in Europe.

— Yes, I have family in Morocco.

— So you should take refuge there for a while. The Academy is European, maybe outside you will be quieter.

— Coward, Fabien whispered.

— No, she's not cowardly! said Cherry. It's okay to be afraid! We've had enough weird stuff around here, and what follows is stressful enough. I totally understand Zara, and I wouldn't blame her if, once outside, she decides to leave.

— Yeah, me neither, said Erin.

"Alexis and I will fight with you," added Victor.

— OK, # freedomnia needs all possible recruits. But it is better to be motivated than to come reluctantly. It would be counterproductive.

"Okay, so let's get started," Alexis said. The more we speak, the more likely we are to be heard. Not to mention the fact that we always have this damn thing in our heads, and that I will be much more reassured when I am released.

"Absolutely okay," Zara said.

They turned to Erin, awaiting instructions.

— "Okay, so tonight we're going to enter the Hungary Dome," said Erin.

— Why this one? asked Pierre.

— Because it is relatively far from the France dome, and because after doing a little research, there is not much surveillance there. "

Zara raised her eyebrows.

— "Since the day of the implant, some domes have had rebellions, students wanting to leave the program," Erin explained. Quickly hushed up so that we don't talk about it. But suddenly, they just won to be watched more than the average. As far as we know, this is not the case with the Hungarians.

— Once there, we locate a classroom, we enter by climbing, and we each connect to a PC. The program takes a little bit of time, and there are times when you won't remember what happened, such as when the monitoring routine was removed, says Cherry.

"So Cherry and I are going to patrol the room and the halls to watch," Erin said.

— Our goal is to keep the patrols away from this room, and not to leave you alone.

— You have questions ? No ? Let's go. "

The small troop left in the direction of the Hungarian dome and slipped between the domes of houses. Once at the base of the main dome, Erin climbed onto the structure, and peered through several windows before waving to them.

She entered through the window while the others went up in turn. They found themselves in a classroom similar to theirs in all respects.

— "I had a hard time finding her, there was no classroom where we usually are," Erin said. This is the first dome we visit with a different, bizarre internal layout.

— Maybe it's because the Hungarian population is much smaller than the French population, Pierre argued. That would justify why the living domes were small, and why this dome doesn't look like ours.

— You are probably right, I hadn't thought about it. Okay, log on. It’s going to get a kick out of this room tonight and it may get some attention. So when it's over for you, come out, and we'll meet at the meeting point. Whatever happens, get out. It is better that only one is taken rather than all. "

The five students logged into an extension, and Erin and Cherry launched the removal tool.

— "I'll start by generating traffic from all over the network," says Cherry. If it can confuse the issue, it will always be won.

— OK, I go out in the halls, and I will go and turn on PCs wherever I find them. "