0x0a.03 - it's a mess

Erin walked out of the room, while Cherry took a seat behind a PC. She wandered quietly through the halls, staring at the surveillance cameras for a long time before venturing further and further.

myarchitekts @ pixabay
myarchitekts @ pixabay

Her goal was to distract as much as possible, if there were patrols, she would have to attract the security guards to the other end of the building. Erin walked down the hallway to a residential dome.

She didn't necessarily know where she was going… What she did know, however, was that Cherry was going to be handling upstairs anyway. So even if it took a while to come up, everything would be fine.

Erin turned in the direction of the bedrooms. She didn't want to get the students in trouble, so she wasn't going to attempt to use PCs located in the bedrooms.

The only other PC that came to mind in this part of the building was that of the dome manager. It would be risky but funny to try to generate traffic from it. How to do ?!

Erin rummaged around, and found a few books, which she tossed across the hall, trying to reach for a flowerpot. The flowerpot fell and exploded on the ground. She continued her merry-go-round, and a few minutes later the head of the dome stepped out, barely awake from his room.

As he walked through the door, Erin slipped behind him. Wow, the wardens' rooms were way cooler and bigger than theirs! She turned on the PC, and quickly programmed a little trick to generate random traffic.

She heard talking in the hallway. Thanks to her implant, the translation was done instantly in her brain. The manager was telling the guards that he had found a broken flowerpot with lots of books next to it. He would ask them to patrol the living dome to find out who could have done this.

She was about to come out when the door opened in front of her. She slipped into the back of it, and the head of the dome walked in without seeing her. Seeing his PC on, he rushed over it, and Erin took the opportunity to get out.

She found a hiding place further down, at the corner of the hall, between two armchairs. From there, she heard the manager yelling orders from her room. She let the guards pass, too busy running to notice her, and scampered off.

She had managed to create quite a mess in this dome, enough to distract from the classroom for a little while. The guards went to look among the Hungarians. Can be moved from room to room. It would keep them away from the main dome for a moment. She calmly walked back to the classroom.

And damn! As she arrived near the classroom, she saw a small team doing their rounds, who were not aware of the mess they had made, and who were approaching dangerously close to the door of the classroom. room.

Before even thinking, she called them from afar. The guards turned around at the right moment, just before opening the door. Erin had managed to keep them from finding out about the group, that was already it. But now she was pretty much in trouble ...

She was caught between the group of supervisors and the dome where she had sown the souk… Erin hid as best she could between two pieces of furniture located in the hallway. Fortunately it wasn’t thick. The overseers walked past her, sweeping the hallway with a lamp, but luckily they did not see her.

She quickly found a window she slipped through. She was out of the dome, she was not risking much, but she still had to get back to the meeting place. Slaloming between patrols scouring the surroundings of the dome, she managed to regain direction of the forest.