0x0a.04 - and the rest?

Much to her relief, Erin came in last.

sick-street-photography @ pixabay
sick-street-photography @ pixabay

— "We were hoping to see you again, but the more time went by, the less hope we had," said Cherry. Happy to see you.

— Me too. Have you been here for a long time? Erin asked.

"Enough to have time to worry," Cherry replied. Especially since I haven't seen you all night!

— I made a bit of a mess on the other side of the dome, it kept them busy and kept them out for a while. "

Erin told them what she had done, and how she had avoided a group of supervisors from surprising them. For their part, everything had gone well. The deactivation of the control part went smoothly.

Just before they set off back to the Dome France, Alexis asked the question that was on everyone's lips.

— " And now ? When are we going?

— As quickly as possible. But that requires knowing how to deactivate the electrified barrier, and knowing a bit more about the patrols, Erin replied. Without that, we may not be able to get out.

"For the patrols, I might have a little idea," Alexis replied. I jog regularly, and I often see the guards running around at a run. Maybe with a little persuasion I could join them as they run. And suddenly, I could note where they go and at what time.

— Great idea ! said Cherry.

— Yes, but above all, do not take risks, bid Erin.

— Yes, no problem. If they don't agree, I won't insist. But, they are human, I don't see why they would refuse. "

With that, the girls left the other students in the forest. They would try to get some rest, before going back to their rooms when the day dawned. But they had to hurry to join theirs.

— "You took risks for us tonight," said Cherry finally.

“You would have done the same,” Erin said.

— Maybe I do not know.

— I'm sure it is. Okay, now that it's good for them, we have to think about the next step. We don't have much time left. Mr. Garceau is always after me, and I guess he is counting the days before my implant tilts me. If that doesn't happen soon, he'll send me to a hospital and they'll realize there's a problem.

— Yes. We need to contact Kwier, and see if he can define what we're doing and where we need to go next.

— Yes. What if we did that right before the start of class? Erin replied.