0x0a.05 - Access forbidden

The girls had contacted Kwier. # freedomnia had been busy while they and the others were out. They had studied the Academy plans provided by Erin, found the server room, and determined a route through the hallways between the surveillance cameras. They also discovered that access to the building was through an RFID badge and access to the server room, by voice command.

nissisoftware @ pixabay
nissisoftware @ pixabay

On the downside, she suddenly couldn't plan a trip to the main building right away. First, because their little trip to the Hungarian Dome had not gone unnoticed and the Academy’s surveillance had been tightened. And also because they didn't have an access card.

For the first point, it was not insurmountable. We just had to wait a bit for things to settle down. The evening in the Hungary Dome was an isolated event. As it had not reproduced in any other dome, and the Academy had searched all the Hungarian rooms without finding anything special, the tension subsided. Still, now, a curfew had been imposed on the whole school, and every evening, the supervisors would come by to check that each student was in their room.

As no traces reached them, the surveillance of the France dome had not been reinforced, unlike that of the Hungary dome.

Erin and Cherry had not resumed physical contact with the others. They weren't from the same residential dome, and although chatting with other classes was not prohibited, the students did not mix much. They didn't want to attract attention. They therefore continued to communicate via the art forum.

They had shared the return of Kwier with the others, and to their surprise, had learned that Pierre was passionate about electronics and robotics.

He then explained to them that the access badges used RFID technology, a transfer of electromagnetic energy between the card and the receiver, and that by placing himself close enough to a card, well really close, he should in theory be possible to retrieve the information it contained, and be able to simulate a similar one.

He had also set to work to create the right equipment that would allow them to do the manipulation.

Cherry and Erin were finalizing the final details. By chatting with Kwier, they had concluded that doing an action in the administration building right now might not be such a bad idea, since the Academy was mostly monitoring the domes and the students. If Cherry and Erin could get past the security of their dome, they would be safe in the administration building.

— "I should go alone," said Erin to Cherry.

— No, I want to come.

— If I get caught there, I risk a lot. I'm not sure what they're going to do with me.

— All the more reason not to be alone.

— Look, it's not just to protect you. Obviously, I'd rather you didn't get caught, but if anything were to happen to me, someone needs to keep going. What would the others do if the two of us were no longer there? Someone needs to keep communicating with # freedomnia and getting them out of here. It's like a resistance cell. The resistance must continue, even if one of the heads is cut off.

— That makes perfect sense, but I don't like it.

— You don’t like it, but it’s like that ”.

Cherry thought for a moment.

— Yeah, well, you're right… This is the best thing to do. On the other hand, there is something that I can do, and that you cannot ...

— What?

— Get close enough to Mr. Garceau to record his voice, and maybe even retrieve the data from his RFID card. "

While Erin tried to memorize the plan of the building as well as possible, in order to navigate as easily and quickly as possible, without having to take the plan with her, Cherry left to retrieve the material to scan the map from Pierre.

Then she went to see Phyl, and offered to go to lunch with Mr. Garceau. Throughout noon, Cherry used her smartphone to record conversations. She also tried to get as close to Mr. Garceau as possible. His exuberant character helped a lot; She took selfies, and teased him several times. So much so that by the end of the meal, she had brushed against him enough to gather the necessary information.

As they left, Cherry handed the equipment over to Pierre, who would spend the afternoon extracting the data and making a clone of the card.

After returning to her room, Cherry and Erin retrieved the recordings, cut them up to keep only Mr. Garceau's voice, then created a voice synthesizer with her voice. Erin also retrieved the photo from the selfie. You never knew, in case there was retina recognition, maybe the photo would be enough to fool the device.