0x0a.06 - night watch

Evening arrived. The girls waited patiently until 10 p.m., and then a moment longer, for the supervisor to confirm that they were okay in their room. And then a little longer, that the round of overseers ends.

Hyacinthe C @ flickr
Hyacinthe C @ flickr

Following the plan, Cerise left the room. She went straight to the supervisor, and asked him to accompany her to the bathroom. Harry glanced around, but as he was alone, he couldn't both watch the hallway and accompany Cerise.

He couldn't forbid her to go; He nodded. And both of them went towards the toilet. Erin came out of her room, and looked for a place in the hallway that allowed her to remain discreet. And waited for Cherry and the overseer to come back. Cherry had a knack for speaking quietly and keeping the attention on her, which had confused the guard enough that he didn't see Erin, busy watching Cherry gesticulate. Erin sped over to the toilet, climbed onto the ledge of the sink, and reached the skylight. She slipped outside. Pierre had left the fake card there, which she easily recovered.

She wasn't sure how she would get back to the bedroom. Despite all their ideas, the girls hadn't been able to come up with a convincing plan, but that would be seen later.

Erin, dressed all in black, tried to blend into the background, and somehow arrived in sight of the administration building. They had discussed it together on # freedomnia and it had seemed wise to them to try to enter by the main door; the Academy shouldn't expect intrusions, and otherwise the main gate would be the last place an intruder would seek to pass.

On the plus side, it was possible to access this entrance from cover. Erin walked through the arches, trying to keep a low profile from the two guards stationed at the entrance.

There were indeed few people. Erin thought for a bit, then grabbed a rock and threw it as far as she could across the aisle. The noise alerted the guards, who moved away enough for Erin to step behind them. She used Peter's fake card to enter. The first step was taken.

The Academy's server room was, as is often the case, in the basement of the building. Erin reached the service ladder that ran alongside the elevator, then started to descend. She couldn't take the elevator, because it would have made too much noise, and she would have been dumb if the door had opened on a patrol. She had chosen to avoid the main staircase, because it was closely watched by surveillance cameras. The service ladder had a blind spot when it exited, allowing Erin to keep a low profile.

She hoped there wouldn't be too much custody. Once again, they had counted on the surveillance being focused on the domes, the students and the compound.

After long moments of walking along empty hallways, Erin finally reached the server room. She hid in a corner, waiting for a security team. She had to wait for him, and listen to the code because she needed it to synthesize it with Mr. Garceau's voice.

After a while, the patrol arrived, and the leader said the password, which Erin was quick to write down. The patrol inspected the room, and came out after a little while.

Once Erin had made sure the patrol was off, she approached the door. She emulated Mr. Garceau's card, and when the light turned green, used the voice synthesizer to say the access code. No retinal recognition.

Erin entered the room, and stayed near the door. Above her, a camera recorded every movement in the room. If she got close to a post, she would be seen by the camera. Erin carefully unplugged it. But now, we had to act quickly. As soon as the security guard realized that the camera was no longer working, he would send a patrol.

Erin hurried to the first server in front of her. She inserted a USB key and rebooted the machine.

Only, the machine did not boot into the operating system of her USB stick, as she had hoped. He therefore had to go through the BIOS but it was protected by a password. Erin unplugged the machine and opened it to access the motherboard. In order to deactivate the protection, she looked for the small CMOS jumper, which she moved. She turned the machine back on, turned it off again, replaced the jumper in its original position.

The BIOS having been reset, she was able to access it and modify the server boot sequence to boot from her USB key.

Having booted into a linux system with her key, Erin had access to the machine's hard drive, so she didn't need to recover the system password. She was lucky the hard drive was not encrypted.

She mounted the filesystem, then issued a command to search the partition for all files with keywords related to the implant and the safety gate. They had recently worked with # freedomnia on a list of interesting keywords.

She didn't have time to sort through the recovered files to see if they were relevant, but apparently there wasn't much on the server about the electrified enclosure.

The second step was more complicated, you had to hack the system, in order to insert a backdoor. Noise in the hallway ... Too bad for the backdoor. She just put everything on the USB drive, hoping to sort it out later, then pulled it out, rebooted the system. Before leaving the room, she reconnected the camera. Maybe the supervisors would blame the problem with the camera for restarting the server ...

She walked out of the room, and melted into the shadows as a small patrol turned the corner. The patrol entered the room. They hadn't thought of turning around. Lucky for Erin, because her hiding place wasn't that great.

She quickly returned to the service ladder, climbed back up, headed for the front door.

The two guards were still there. She couldn't play the rock again on them a second time in the same evening, or they were really stupid. Erin walked up the hall, looking for another exit. Whenever she thought she had found one, she noticed the camera watching the door.

Erin was wasting a stupid time. If this continued, she would never have time to return to her room before the wardens did their morning rounds. She pushed open the door to a room. Looks like this was an important office. As luck would have it, and fortunately, no camera. The person who worked here shouldn't want to be watched, so much the better. It may have been the office of an important leader.

Erin hesitated to turn on the PC. But that would have alerted the guards. She wanted to open the desk drawers, but they were locked, and she had neither the equipment nor the skills to lock-picking.

His gaze stopped on the trash can. Trashing _... Obviously, the owner of this office didn't bother to destroy his documents and threw them straight in the trash. Or maybe it was the housekeeping team that took care of it, emptying the trash cans. Anyway, it was full. Erin pulled out the contents. Bingo! Last month's patrol plan, but more importantly, in the background, the location of the power generators allowing the electrified barrier to function!

She looked around the room. Again, she would have to climb ... The window was unattended, but the office was high up. And no planks to help her, it wasn't a dome ... Fortunately she had been climbing, in a previous life ...

After many acrobatics, Erin finally reaches dry land. She hurried back to the France dome. It was almost 6 a.m. In a few minutes, the students' alarms would ring, and a few minutes later, the supervisors would come to check the presence of the students in the rooms.

Erin was disgusted. She wouldn't have time to figure out how to get back to her room from the toilet. All for nothing ...

The moment she sank into the grass out of spite, Erin spotted Cherry at her window. She was worried about Erin.

Even if it means being taken outside, you might as well try it all for everything. Erin came out of her hiding place and stood in a prominent place. She gestured towards Cerise, hoping that she would see her and that no one else was looking out.

Cherry caught sight of him, and quietly motioned for him to use the bathroom again. Erin did so. She entered the dome through the toilet window, and stuck her head out into the hallway.

Cherry was at the other end of the hall, a little further, and pretending to feel very bad. The guards had gathered around her. Erin didn't try to understand, and rushed into the bedroom. Thirty seconds later, supervisors entered carrying a Cherry which clung to its stomach on its bed. Erin greeted them, and asked them what was going on. They told him that Cerise had made a faint feeling going to the bathroom. Cherry winked at Erin. In the end, they had succeeded.