0x0b.01 - The plan

Kwier was relieved to hear from Erin, but the others at # freedomnia were a little disappointed that she had failed to put backdoor on the servers. In the many files she had brought back, they had found some useful things.

jodylehigh @pixabay
jodylehigh @pixabay

But as the urgency was to get them out of there, they first leaned over the electrified barrier.

In fact, it was not made up of a single large enclosure, but lots of small, individually electrified sections. The whole thing was kept under tension thanks to numerous generators arranged all around the campus. In order not to lose a part of the barrier in the event of failure of one of the generators, each section was supplied by four generators, which in turn supplied four sections. This allowed for redundancy and ensured that a generator failure was not serious and did not create a breach.

It was necessary to simultaneously deactivate four contiguous generators in order to deactivate the electrification of the barrier at a section level and to open a passage.

In addition, it had to be done simultaneously, as the generators were equipped with an alarm. If a generator got stuck, it emitted a signal, and a security team was called to the scene. It would be difficult for one person to turn everything off before security arrived. Pierre, Victor, Alexis, Zara and Fabien should be involved.

Alexis had even provided them, via an abstract art drawing in the plastic arts forum, with plans for the guards' rounds, with whom he had managed to jog on a regular basis. They had been able to develop a plan: They would get into small groups of two, except Erin who would be alone. They were going to have to synchronize in order to deactivate their respective generators at exactly the same time, time chosen according to the rounds. At that point, the alarms would sound, the guards would be far away and they would have some time to come back to the barrier and get out.

They had chosen to attack the generators on the edge of the city: the patrols in the forest were too frequent, the surroundings of the domes too visible and let's not talk about the side of the main gate ... And then, the back of the city had another advantage: in the event of a problem, it was always possible to quickly come back to town and blend in with the crowd.

Basically, Pierre had suggested that they make small EMP bombs, place them near the generators and set them off at the desired time. But Erin and Cerise had declined, as they preferred that someone could handle any issues. It would have been too bad to miss their shot if one of the bombs didn't work or had been discovered and defused.

They still had the idea to deceive the Academy: they would use EMP bombs to deactivate generators at the four what on campus, shortly before they deactivate theirs, in order to disperse the teams of security.

Secondly, once outside, they should cross a part of the valley on foot. The surroundings of the Academy were not passable by car, and having a car waiting for them on the only road leading to it would have been too visible. They should therefore find a small van in the village of Luta, driven by a member of # freedomnia.

Once in Luta, they could change, and camouflage themselves, to pass potential roadblocks, should the Academy seek them out. No one knew how long they had an arm in the area.