0x0b.02 - The escape

They had decided to act quickly.

ambroo @ pixabay
ambroo @ pixabay

When they looked at the other students on campus, they could see the control of the Academy. They were in danger of being exposed at any time.

Cherry and Erin had posted drawings on the forum this morning, planning their outing for tonight. Cherry felt weird. She didn't want to leave Phyl here, but at the same time, she couldn't do anything for him. During the day he looked normal, but he could be controlled by the Academy at any time. And when left unchecked, he didn't seem to realize what was going on, as if his memory was affected.

She couldn't say goodbye to him, and the why was obvious. But now that the departure was imminent, Cherry had difficulty convincing herself to leave him there ...

Besides, they still didn't know how to free the other students under control. They had managed to deactivate the routine of being under control but had no idea what to do when the student was already under control. They would surely have to fight the student himself in order to succeed even in connecting him to a computer ... Assuming that the implant does not take its host hostage.

The only thing she could do was leave Phyl here and help # freedomnia as best she could. She knew it was the best thing to do, but that didn't stop her from being sad.

Night was about to fall. As more and more students were under control, there was no real need for surveillance and curfews. This had recently been lifted and they were able to reuse the old method they had used before; do not return to their rooms at night.

Cherry and Erin were the first to arrive, after taking a quick tour of the compound to plant electromagnetic bombs. They looked around. There was still commotion in town and the students were enjoying the evening. Erin wondered why the Academy was still bothering with this. Why, now that most of them were under control, did she bother to maintain some semblance of normalcy?

Maybe it wasn't possible to control someone around the clock. Maybe the control was too subtle, like making them forget certain events or giving them injunctions, and they needed the co-operation of the students in order not to have a rebellion?

Victor and Alexis joined them. Then it was Zara, Pierre and finally Fabien. Erin summarized the plan; Victor and Alexis would go together, Pierre would be with Zara. Cherry with Fabien, and Erin would take care of the last generator.

The team reached the back of town, synchronized their watches, then dispersed in the direction of their respective generators.

At the appointed time, the electromagnetic bombs began to set off. Finally, we had to hope. They had to draw the guards away from here.

The rest was simple, each group had to wait a bit, then turn off their generator at 6.30 p.m. sharp.

Except .... Fabien was preventing Cherry from reaching the generator.

— "What are you doing? We're going to miss the hour! she asked him.

— You idiot, I don't want to risk my life for you two. I don't want to go any further. Maybe the Academy will reinstate me if I help them capture you.

— Fabien, you can't do that! You know it's not fair to us. It's beyond this.

— That's what you say, but I just want to find a quiet life.

— Do you think she will be quiet here? Don't kid yourself, Fabien!

"It will surely be quieter than that of a fugitive," he said, approaching. If I prevent you from turning off the generator, the others will not be able to come out. And maybe after that, the Academy will agree to reinstate me, like a hero for preventing you from leaving ... Hopefully, the implant will even allow me to forget that I participated in this madness. "

He jumped on her. Fabien was trying to immobilize Cherry, who tried somehow to reach the generator, just to shut it down so the others could escape.

Then she changed her strategy, grabbed a rock, and slapped him hard on the head. Stunned, he let go, she deactivated her generator a little late and ran towards the barrier.

— "Are you okay, Cherry?" Where is Fabien? Erin asked.

— Fabien went crazy and wanted to sell us to the Academy to become a hero, replied Cherry. — Damn. — I had to leave him there. Maybe what he wanted will come true after all, when he explains to them how he bravely infiltrated the group to surprise us ... He can get lobotomized while drunk. It's his problem, plus ours. "

It wasn't long before they heard the guards scream. They climbed as best they could, hoping the power wouldn't be turned on too quickly. Then they quickly set off. Zara was very stressed. She had wanted to get out of the Academy more than anything, but now that she was there, she wondered if it was a good idea.

Erin therefore had to re-motivate her very regularly to allow the troop to move forward. But Zara was holding on.