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The van had been driving for half an hour. They had spent a few patrols without it causing them any problems.

fsHH @ pixabay
fsHH @ pixabay

The fact that they had first crossed the valley on foot had, on the one hand, allowed the Academy to organize itself, but on the other, had increased the search area. Suddenly, the Academy had to divide its forces.

The van stopped once again. The resources available to the Academy were enormous. Once again, Kwier presented his false driver's papers to the guard. But this time the guard didn't just nod. He stopped the van. The stress escalated in the back.

At the other stops, no one saw that the van was carrying six people behind.

— "Calm down," said Erin. Your stress is so palpable that he will be suspicious of it. "

The back door opened. The guard, armed with a machine gun, asked:

— "Who are those?

— They are my employees, answered Kwier, without dismaying. They are there to help me load the supply crates. Don't you think I'm going to unload everything on my own? "

— "Even the girls?" And then you are going to put them where, your crates. They take up all the space, your guys… And doesn't that make a little a lot of arms for very little? he retorted.

— I was asked for it to be quick, so I'm taking people. If you don't like it, you can always come and help us unload. "

The guard walked past Zara. She was looking at her feet ...

— "You know we're looking for six people, just like them? asked the guard.

"Yeah, well, bad luck, you can't count, there are seven of us," Kwier replied nonchalantly. Frankly, boy, don't you have something else to do but piss us off? I have a job ahead of me and I don't want to spend the night there. Besides, they'll give me a break if I'm late. "

The guard then walked past Erin, and ran the end of his machine gun through her hair.

— "This one has funny hair.

“I’m not allowing you to insult me,” Erin said tit for tat. I'm not criticizing your mustache! "

Surprised by this aplomb, the guard came out of the van. He expected the fugitives to betray each other through their stress, and this one didn't really look stressed. Rather angry.

— "Ok, that's right, they don't look like the description given to me," he said at last. On the other hand, you are suspicious anyway. Especially tonight. I will escort you to your loading depot.

"OK," replied Kwier, much to the surprise of the others.

The guard got back into his car, Kwier closed the door and got behind the wheel.

— " It's not okay ? Cherry asked. We're going to get caught!

— Do you have another solution at the moment? replied Kwier. If we don't follow him, it'll be fishy. Other than hitting him, I don't see what would have prevented him from calling for reinforcements if I had refused to follow him. Cursed be they, him and his excess of zeal!

— So, what are we going to do? asked Pierre

— Improvise? "