0x0b.05 - Break the deadlock

The van followed the car for quite a while. In a way, it helped them. Because now they passed the roadblocks without any problem. But the depot where they were supposed to collect the supplies was approaching, and once there they would be surrounded by guards and it would no longer be possible to flee. It was indeed time to improvise, and as quickly as possible.

StockSnap @ pixabay
StockSnap @ pixabay

Kwier stopped the van. He got out and opened the hood. The guard stopped and approached.

— " What is happening ? he asked.

— I don't know, the hood has started smoking. Maybe overheating. Afterwards, I'm not a mechanic.

"You don't get out," he said to the others, in the van. And you, hurry and get this going again.

— Well help me, you clever one, answered Kwier.

— Ok, ok… ”

And the guard approached.

— "Hold me this lamp, so I can see it more clearly. "

Meanwhile, in the back of the van, everyone wondered how Kwier was going to do.

— "He'll never do it alone," said Zara.

"However, we have to get rid of him," replied Pierre.

— But what can we do? We can't even go out, said Cherry.

— Victor? Victor !? Alexis looked for.

— Where did he go ? Cherry asked.

"I think he's improvising," Alexis replied.

Sure enough, Victor had taken advantage of the general inattention to slip into the driver's seat. The guard couldn't see him with the hood up, and since he was helping Kwier with the engine, it made a screen.

From here you could clearly hear Kwier sparking the guard about the dipstick and other mechanical parts. Victor kept himself as discreet as possible. He didn't want to hurt anyone, but if he didn't do anything they would eventually get caught. Kwier was smart, but he couldn't do it on his own. He had to hope for some action from them and was looking to buy time, for them to do something.

With the engine still running, Victor intended to rush at the guard, but Kwier blocked his way. Alexis, who knew Victor well, finally understood what he was up to.

— "Why is he doing nothing? asked Pierre.

"He's going to speed up all at once, but there's Kwier on the way," Alexis replied.

Alexis opened the back door of the van with a lot of noise.

— "We're not going out, we're not going out, don't worry," he said to the guard who stuck his head over the side of the hood. Victor flattens himself so as not to be spotted. He called Kwier by his false name.

— "John, you know I'm a basic mechanic and I'm here just because I needed a job ... Maybe I can help?"

"Yes, that's right, he can help," Kwier said to the guard.

— OKAY. Let him approach. "

Alexis approached. Kwier wondered what he was going to do, but didn't say anything. Alexis stood blatantly to the side of the hood.

— "Can you light up there?" he asked the guard, positioning her right in front of the van. And you, John, hold this here, ”he said, placing Kwier on the side of the van.

— "There it is," he said loudly enough for Victor to hear.

And the van sped off and crashed into the guard. Victor stepped back, Kwier and Alexis jumped on him and disarmed him. The guard was stunned enough not to react much, but he wasn't too messed up.

— "Shall we leave him there?" Alexis asked.

"Yes, we can't afford to take him with us," replied Kwier.

— But…

— There are no buts. And then, I remind you that less than an hour ago, he was pointing a machine gun at you.

— I know, but still.

— Look, he's just knocked out. And there are so many patrols around that I'm sure he'll be found before sunrise. And by then, we will be far. "

The others got out of the van.

— "Victor, get behind the wheel of the van." I'm going to take his kepi and his jacket, and I'm going to take his car. With a little luck, that should allow us to easily pass the next dams. "

Kwier escorted the van for an hour, in the opposite direction of HQ, stopping regularly at roadblocks to look good.

Thanks to the escort car and the charismatic presence of Kwier, they were no longer hassled. The further away they moved from the Academy, the rarer the roadblocks became. Finally, at one point, Kwier felt it was time to get rid of the uniform and the car. Just in case ... If the car had a cookie, the Academy could find them.

They took to the road again. After a while, Kwier changed course, heading off again in the opposite direction they had been going from the start, largely rounding the Academy area and the roads they had taken, and finally arrived at HQ. # freedomnia, long after the sun had risen, to great collective relief.