0x0c.02 - Bad Surprise

Less than an hour later, they were woken up with a start by Nightowl.

TF3000 @ pixabay
TF3000 @ pixabay

— "We have to get out!

— Huh ?! What?

— I just said, we have to get out quickly! "

Already there was knocking on the front door. Quentin finished waking everyone up and jumped out the window just as people were coming out the bedroom door. Fortunately, Nightowl was watching.

Nightowl led them to a grove at the back of the house.

— " What is happening ? asked Quentin

— Apparently the Academy found us. I don't quite know how. Maybe because of our van or our internet connection ... Quick, over there! We have to get out of the area.

— What about our gear?

— Too dangerous to pick it up ... I just had time to grab our laptops, she added, showing her backpack. Luckily I was out for some fresh air ... I saw them coming from afar. "

We could already hear the dogs ...

— "They will soon be releasing dogs," said Cherry. We can never outrun them ...

— If so, we're screwed, adds Pierre.

"Let's get a car," Quentin suggested. "

They walked to a house outside the village, forced open the door of a small utility. As it was an old model, it was not too difficult to start, the most complicated was to fit 6 people in ...

They started off with a bang when the dogs fell on them ... They saw in the retro their pursuers take out their walkie-talkies.

— "They are calling for reinforcements," said Victor. "

Nightowl, who had taken the wheel, accelerated. Then it was the chase. Their utility, less maneuverable and heavier than modern Academy cars, struggled to gain distance, but Nightowl had some unsuspected driving skills, and at least they weren't getting caught. Soon after, they reached the sides of the mountain.

— "With this road, two things one, either you take a good lead because I think I drive better than them, or you end up in the ravine," said Nightowl.

"It's not very reassuring," Zara replied.

— Well, I've always loved riding. It's just that usually, these aren't all rotten, super-loaded cars ... "

At the bend of a winding road, Nightowl had managed to gain enough lead that their pursuers could not see them from one turn to the next.

— "As soon as I can, I take a side road ... We will leave the car and continue on foot, until we find another car. "

A few kilometers further, the ideal configuration presented itself. A bend, a small mountain path and trees. Nightowl negotiated a turn allowing them to quickly take cover, before their pursuers reached the turn.

They got out of the car and hurried to the cover of the trees. There they walked for a long time before stumbling upon a village.

"You don't hear a dog, I think they didn't realize right away that we were out of front of them," Erin said.

— Yes, we must hope, replied Quentin.

— It was kind of my intention, added Nightowl,

"Me, it bothers me a bit that I stole a car and have to do it again," Alexis said.

— Yes me too. But frankly, I don't want to fall back into their hands ... Cherry replied. "

Quentin approached the village alone, the others remained in cover. He negotiated with a villager to buy his van at a high price, everyone settled into it. Nighowl drove quietly for a few hours, just to put as much distance as possible between them and the old HQ.