0x0d.01 - The squat

After turning for a while, they found a squat in Brașov where they had holed up for a few days. While doing wardriving, Nightowl and Quentin had recovered the internet, via unsecured or poorly secured Wi-Fi networks. This allowed them to warn #freedomnia about the incident and reassure everyone.

qimono @ pixabay
qimono @ pixabay

Zara wanted more than ever to take a break and join Morocco. True to his promise, Quentin spent the next few days planning his exfiltration. They found two # freedomnia members at a meeting point downtown, and they said goodbye to Zara. They were going to drive her to the coast and find a boat for her to cross.

Pierre was spinning like a lion in a cage. He couldn't decide whether he wanted to help # freedomnia or not. On the one hand, he could see that it was something important, but on the other hand, he was afraid to restore his confidence ... Especially since he no longer wanted to go near the PCs, as if the simple fact of approaching it could reactivate the implant. He also had no family outside of Europe, like Zara. But at the same time, what's the point? Difficult to rebuild when you know that the others are still there ...

The atmosphere in the squat was rather creepy and did not help him to think rosy.

— " Pierre ? Cherry asked.

— Yes, Cherry?

— How are you ?

— Not top top. I still wonder if I'll wake up from this nightmare.

— You know very well that you are not dreaming, answered Cherry.

— Unfortunately yes. I would prefer…

— And suddenly, you decided something? You know # freedomnia will give you all the help you need to get out of Europe, if you ask.

— Yes…

— Listen, stop your paranoid a bit. At some point you have to know what you want to do. You can't spend your days walking around like that, sighing. It gets our nerves on edge. Already the atmosphere is not looking good ... "

Pierre sat down.

— "Cherry, I've been thinking about it the last few days. I can see that all around us are working hard for the cause of # freedomnia. I too would like to save these thousands of young people, who like me, at the base, did not ask for anything.

— And? It's pretty good news that you think that. But I guess there is a but, since you haven't made up your mind to act yet ...

— With everything that has happened lately, frankly, I find it hard to trust. But at the same time, # freedomnia helped us and ask us nothing, so I think they're fair.

— So what's your problem?

— My problem right now is that I can't stand sitting behind a PC anymore. So let's not talk about that damn implant. Frankly, Cherry, I feel unable to help # freedomnia.

— Pierre. You do not have to.

— Yes I know. But in fact, I am struggling with myself. I don't know what I want anymore. One day I want to stay, the next day I want to go. And then as soon as I see them on their PC, I tell myself that I will be of no use to them.

— Pierre, you are not useful. We're going to go talk to the others about it. I think Kwier and Nightowl may need you in a lot of ways, and not necessarily just because you have an implant. You know, if you tell them about it, they'll understand. They will never force you to use it. "

Nightowl and Quentin, who had been very busy since arriving in the squat, took the time to chat with Pierre.

— "Actually, what we need is a new place ... Brașov, it's too far from the Academy, we don't know what's going on there anymore. Besides, we haven't been able to put in place extensive techniques to cover up our tracks here, says Quentin.

— Especially since this place, frankly, it sucks, added Nightowl. Between the crumbling walls, the fact that we almost electrocute each other at all times, the other squatters ...

— I think you could help us by setting up a new HQ, Quentin finished. Choose a village, not too far from the Academy, so that we can continue to keep abreast of supplies, fairs and more ...

— OKAY. I can do that, ”replied Pierre.