0x0d.03 - Visiting the neighbors

Quentin waited for night. Erin had insisted on going with him. Even if she didn't know much about lockpicking, she could surely help him, or at least stand guard. And then, she loved his company ...

MikeWildadventure @ pixabay
MikeWildadventure @ pixabay

The lock was easy to pick, they were not secure locks. If all went well, no one would know that someone had returned.

They had selected the most opulent house in the area. Since we were in the countryside, it was the one most able to have a PC and internet.

Quentin and Erin walked the ground floor of the house room by room. The bedrooms were probably upstairs and the owners seemed to be sleeping. Quentin hurried to turn it on and retrieve the information while Erin kept watch on the stairs.

It was not very complicated. It was an old OS with no password. To log into the router interface, the default login credentials were kept. You don't even have to look far to connect ...

In less than five minutes, Quentin had recovered what they had come for and shut down the computer. Erin, who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, heard noise upstairs. Apparently the owners had a dog and it was scratching to be let out of the room.

The dog burst into the living room growling as Erin and Quentin closed the front door. They hurried through the barrier and returned to HQ all breathless, but delighted with their escapade.