0x0d.04 - A question of equipment

A few days later, with the network operational, Nightowl quickly landed.

Pexels @ pixabay
Pexels @ pixabay

— "Hi guys, I missed you!

—Hi Nightowl, you too. Quentin replied. He hugged her.

With Nightowl missing, Erin had almost forgotten how close Quentin was to her. Yes she had missed Nightowl, she liked him and she trusted herself, but she couldn't help but feel a pang when she saw her with Quentin.

— "I see you have been busy in my absence. This place is totally starting to look like something! Good job Pierre!

— Thank you !

— I haven't been idle either. There are about fifteen members of # freedomnia who will join us shortly. We figured that if we were all in one place, we could communicate faster. Then it would make new faces, it will allow you to go more unnoticed, if only for shopping. The Academy knows our description of us, theirs ...

— Suddenly, we have to be active to make the workroom operational and find equipment to make electronics. The one we brought with us stayed in the old HQ barn, Quentin replied.

— Yes. And here I see two problems, added Nightowl. First of all, our funds are not expandable ... We spent quite a bit of money coming here, getting geared up, buying things to ride and everything. On our personal funds. And there, since we don't work, we don't have any money coming in, so ... Not to mention that we spent almost all the cash we had on us, and I guess the Academy is monitoring our banking movements ...

"Yes, that's clear, that's a problem," Alexis replied. And the second?

— The computer and electronic equipment that could be bought cheaply on Brașov would be junk. We can never work effectively against the Academy if we have obsolete equipment. "

They think about it a good time all together. Then Cherry had an idea.

— "How about helping yourself in the Academy's storerooms?" That way, we will have the latest equipment, without paying anything?

— Are you talking about robbing the Academy? Alexis replied, flabbergasted.

— Well, I don't really know, said Cherry. Not the Academy, anyway, but its repositories. There must be a way.

— I have purchase orders and material transfer forms that I stole during the work, when the Academy was created. Maybe we could make some forgeries and pretend to be Academy staff, coming to get equipment? Quentin suggested.

— Yes, it could do it, added Nightowl. Give me the papers, I'll prepare this for you.

— I'll go with Victor and the van. Faced with two fellows like us, they will inevitably think they are facing movers, Quentin quipped.

— For the moment, I would rather say two geek with glasses, laughed Victor, but I follow you!

"While you and the rest of you are shopping, we're going to set up fake HQs, just to be even harder to spot," Nightowl said. We're going to hack connections all over the country, and bounce all the traffic coming out of here. That way, if the Academy detects us, they'll be on the wrong track.

— Good idea ! "

It was decided that they would go to the nearest warehouse. It didn't make much of a difference whether it was any warehouse. If they got caught, the Academy still wouldn't know where they came from, so they might as well get up close.