0x0d.05 - The warehouse

Nightowl gave Quentin and Victor a little makeover; she applied a self-tanner to them, so that their complexion was tanned and they could more easily come off as people used to working outdoors. Since they hadn't really shaved since the Academy's getaway, that wasn't bad. Nightowl put hair extensions on Victor and dreadlocks on Quentin. It took quite a while, but in the end, they were unrecognizable.

tianya1223 @ pixabay
tianya1223 @ pixabay

While Nighowl and Cherry, were doing hairdressing, Pierre had taken the initiative to repaint the van and change the plates.

Quentin and Victor got into the van and headed for the nearest depot. Half an hour later, they were there. It was a warehouse quite out of the way from the Academy. It was a kind of super platform from which stocks were dispatched according to their category to closer warehouses. So they could find whatever they need here.

Quentin presented the document to the gate guard, and they were let in. They then headed for the reception. The receptionist was wearing an instant translation headset. So much the better, communication and language was always a problem in international organizations. Quentin approached.

— "Hello," he said

— Hello. "

The person didn't seem surprised that Quentin spoke French. By dint of using the headset, no one paid attention to the spoken language ... Quentin presented the false document

— "I'm coming to collect all this material for the Academy. They urgently need an equally urgent project. Suddenly, we go through the short circuit and we come to look for everything directly here ... We have no time to waste going around the specialized warehouses, or we will be yelled at that we were too slow ...

— OK boy. We usually. "

The guy looked at the paper Quentin handed him for a moment.

— "Here, I thought that Mr. Goljat, who signed this document, was no longer at the Academy ... Anyway, it's been a bailiff that we did not have a signed paper from him. I apologize, but I have to have this document stamped on my boss before I bring you the material. This is the procedure "

And he left for the offices behind.

— "What do we do now ? Victor asked Quentin. They will suspect something.

— We pretend we're fair and just do what we're asked to do. Until you show that you are stressed, there is no reason for them to suspect anything.

— OKAY. What if things go wrong?

— Shall we run? He replied.

The person returned.

— "OK, follow me." The chief wants to see you. "

Victor and Quentin followed with a calm they were far from feeling. They were led to a large air-conditioned room at the back of the building. Behind a huge desk, the manager was looking at their paper.

— "So like that, we want to help ourselves in the Academy reserves? Look, nobody does this without leaving me a little something. After all, if it shows, it's for my apple! Your colleagues at least have the good sense to slip a ticket along with their document directly to my guy at the front desk, that avoids confusion. Didn't we tell you? "

Quentin and Victor took a little time to understand. Apparently, the chief had taken them for profiteers trying to help themselves free of charge from the Academy's stocks. To hear it, it was done often. Victor jumped at the chance.

— "We did not know that it worked like that here ... A little note and we talk more?

— Yeah. After all, you tried your luck. If I didn't have a guy looking at the front desk, it might have been okay. You don't know the number of people who are looking to collect free stuff ... In the end, it pays me more to close my eyes for a little something than the salary they give me to run the place. "

Victor handed over a note. This one waited… Victor added a second note to the chief.

— "OK, go help yourself." Don't forget to slip one to my guy at the front desk, as long as he's got his share, he won't say anything! Come on, see you next time! "

Leaving the office, Quentin congratulated Victor.

— "You managed like a boss! It took a while to figure out what he wanted from us, but you jumped at the chance, like it was natural, hat! "

They recovered the material and took over the direction of the HQ. It was good to know. If they needed anything again, maybe they could come back here, well, as long as this leader was in place.