0x0e.01 - Demoscene

The last week had consisted in recovering the volunteers of # freedomnia and to make them come stealthily in the new HQ.

G-Hell @ wikimedia commons
G-Hell @ wikimedia commons

As the group grew, everyone had to find their place and new tensions arose.

Managing members via the internet was really not like managing a group of individuals; In order for everyone to benefit from it, it was necessary to establish routines and chores, to give everyone a specific role, so that it was useful and effective. In short, let everyone participate in the whole ...

Quentin and Nightowl had taken charge of the coordination. They spent most of their time settling disputes and managing the group. They were assisted by Pierre, who took care of all stewardship.

Erin and Cherry, along with a small team, had gotten down to reading the documents and reports that Erin brought back from her jaunt into the Academy's server room.

Alexis and Victor, aided by another team, turned to the programs they had recovered, which they were trying to crack. They were taking them apart and trying to figure out what they could be used for.

The two teams worked in parallel. When Erin and Cherry's team could find something that helped the twins team; like a piece of API or how to communicate with the implant; it made it easier for them to crack.

One evening Alexis and Victor all arrived in the kitchen happy. Cherry and Erin were alone.

— "Hey, girls," Alexis called. You're in luck ! We were looking for you!

— We have something to show you, added Victor. "

Cherry and Erin, curious, followed the twins. They took them to a corner of the house, where they had accumulated material.

— "Well, we know nobody wanted us to use the implant until we were done working on it," said Victor.

— But there, it made us want too.

— What are you talking about ? Erin asked.

"The best is if you test it out for yourself," Alexis said, handing Erin a chair.

Erin walked over to the PC.

— "Do you want me to connect to that with my implant?" We had agreed not to use it again until we knew exactly what we could do!

— Exactly, Alexis and I, we have made good progress on the subject. You trust me ? So plug in. "

Erin connected with her implant on Victor's program. And arrived in a colorful and musical world. She let herself be carried away for a few minutes by this fantastic universe, before being brought back to reality by Victor who had stopped the simulation.

— " Wow. It was what ? Erin asked.

— Do you know that we are a fan of demoscene? Alexis replied. Well, with Victor, we did a demoscene in which we can navigate with the implant.

— What's a demoscene? Cherry asked.

"It's a program that's a work of art," Victor replied. The computer is used to program music, graphics and animation.

— It looks cool ! Will you give me room, Erin? Cherry asked.

Cherry also tested the demo, and came out smiling.

— "We wanted you to test it before telling others about it," said Victor,

— You who also have the implant, you can test and get an idea, added Alexis. But the others, we were afraid they would not understand us and just want us to stop.

— We know what we're doing. The demoscene, we control. And with what you gave us as info, that immediately gave us the idea. With a little imagination, a few tests and a lot of logic, we were able to find what we needed as information to be able to fully interface with the implant.

— Great boys. Thanks to you, we have made real progress in understanding the implant. We will go talk to the others. Thanks to your demo, we will be able to move forward even faster. "

Erin went to see Quentin and Nightowl. At first a little alarmed that the twins had reconnected without telling anyone, they quickly understood all the possibilities offered by the demo they had developed.