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They spent the last few days to studies all the datas.

JUrban @ pixabay
JUrban @ pixabay

It turned out that the program was a new way of interfacing with the computer and the network, with the person being an integral part of the whole. Each one visualized the thing in a different way, according to his imagination, his senses and his experience. Which explained, among other things, why Erin had seen rivers while Cherry saw roads there.

Or, why the twins had struggled to interface with the program. Because they only seemed "complete" when they were together. Yes, they were able to do things separately, but it looked like the program had sought to bring them together to create a single virtual entity for two. But since they didn't know where they had set foot, they didn't know how to communicate with each other, and the virtual representation failed to stabilize.

It also turned out, after reconciling the data obtained, that the infamous flow that Erin had seen was data being sent to the Academy. As the network was compartmentalized, they could not go out on the Internet to go “snitch”.

In any case, this first attempt was promising. Thanks to this great tool that was the implant, they could browse the internet without limits, and find hacker teams in inaccessible places.

But for that, it was necessary, as a first step, to redevelop their own program, to avoid any snitches from the Academy or unidentified routines. Other implants would also be needed, so that there would be more of them.

And then it would also take a lot of training. Because it wasn't all fun. Walking around the network in this way could be dangerous. It was like separating consciousness from the body for a while. And you had to find your starting point to be able to get out of there. They had no idea what would happen if there was a power cut or something like that. Would disconnecting the user bring him back? The Academy documents did not reveal this, and no one really wanted to test.

Twins should especially practice to be successful in coordinating. Finally, once they've managed to recreate their own program.

That evening, Erin found Quentin in the kitchen.

— "Hi Quentin.

— Hi Erin, are you all right?

— I was thinking about something.

— Is that so ?

— Imagine if the military had access to this kind of technology?

— That wouldn't be cool.

— Definitely. "

They remained silent for a while.

— "I think Alexis and Victor are not doing well ...

— Oh. What is happening ?

— It's the implant thing. It hurt their morale to realize that what makes them usual strength could be weakness.

— To this extend ?

— Yes, you know, the motivation they have for the project is largely due to the fact that there are two of them. This allows them to overcome their fears.

"It's nice to have someone like that to rely on ..." Quentin said simply.

There was a great silence ... Then Quentin continued.

— "And you, are you afraid?" "

Erin thinks about it.

— "Obviously. Everyone in this case would be afraid. I think those who weren't afraid would be crazy. It's just that you can move forward, even if you are afraid, when you are convinced of what you are doing.

— Yes, and it's called true courage. "

Quentin approached Erin.

— "You know, I admire you, Erin. After everything you've been through there, you still manage to fight and have your feet on the ground.

— Cherry too.

— Yes, but Cherry is only here because you are here. She follows you, you know.

— Because she's my friend.

— Because she admires you… You don't follow someone in a business who might be suicidal just because you're friends. We follow him because we have confidence in him and in his ability to get us out of problems.

— If you say so. "

Quentin approached again.

— "You have a lot of qualities, Erin, more than you can imagine. And by your actions, you inspire people. "

Quentin took Erin's hands, who did nothing to remove them.

— "Since the time we have been discussing together, I have the impression that I have known you forever ... If I dared ..."

And Quentin kissed Erin. She snuggled up in his arms. They stayed like that for a long time, without saying anything to each other. In fact, each of them had dreamed of this moment… It seemed normal. They felt like they had known each other forever.

Erin finally pulls away.

— "And Nightowl in all of this."

— What Nightowl?

Nightowl and you?

— There is nothing between Nightowl and me. We're just friends.

— OKAY. I could have sworn there was more.

— In fact, there have been more, but that is ancient history.

— OKAY. "

They stood side by side for a while, staring outside from the kitchen window. They hardly ever went out, so as not to be spotted.

— "To come back to Alexis and Victor ...

— Why do you always have to bring everything down to very down to earth questions?

— Because that's me, I'm like that. And that we have a mission to accomplish ...

— Yes, I know very well, said Quentin. And that's one of the reasons I love you. But I wanted to forget a bit for a little while and enjoy it a bit.

— Yes, you're right, we'll talk about that later. "