0x0f.01 - Skins and mods

There was unrest in the HQ. The test and its implications were simply dizzying.

geralt @ pixabay
geralt @ pixabay

The first questions arose. Should we take over the Academy program, and try to distribute it; remove all cookies; or would we recreate a similar program. The first alternative seemed a priori faster, but also more dangerous: Would we be able to remove all the cookies from the code? And in the end, would it really be faster than redoing everything from scratch? Would there remain in the program some misunderstood things which could turn out to be dangerous or essential?

# freedomnia had its members full of experts on many subjects, including viruses, malware or espionage. And from their perspective, it wasn't 100% sure that he could remove cookies from a program.

In the end, it was decided to recreate a full-fledged program. Obviously, it was going to be long, but now that the Academy program had been tested and what the implant was capable of, it had been relatively easy to complete the unknowns in the API.

Alexis and Victor got into the game and helped shape the new program. They obviously had in mind to facilitate their interfacing.

After a few days Alexis and Victor came to see Cherry.

— "Hey, Cherry," said Victor. You can come ? We have something for you to test.

— Again ? OKAY. "

Once again, they brought Cherry to their small room in the back and away from the commotion.

— "We would like you to test that and tell us what you think. "

Cherry got behind the computer and connected her implant.

_And found himself in a pink glittery world. Clouds were flying everywhere and gusts of wind lashed her face. She let the wind blow over a few clouds, rainbow to rainbow, and found that she could, by concentrating, access data in the system. She returned to the first cloud and left the program.

— "Very funny boys. It was what ?

— You know, there is some software that allows you to put skins. Like some media players, says Victor.

— You decorate your software of your choice, with skins that you find on the net, added Alexis. It doesn't change the software, which works just the same, you just decorate it to your liking.

— Well, it's a bit the same, adds Victor. We asked # freedomnia to install a test version of their software for us. And we test its possibilities.

— Anyway, here you have interfaced with the machine in a version styled by us.

— And I have a head to love pink, sequins and rainbows? Cherry laughed. Why not unicorns?

— We had thought about it, but we didn't have time with Victor, and then it didn't fit well into the background ...

— You guys are awesome! But what exactly will it be used for? Cherry asked.

— First of all, it can help Alexis and I connect to the system. If we put a predefined skin on it, it should allow us to coordinate on a way to visualize the environment.

— Besides, Alexis added, it can also make learning easier. If someone from # freedomnia says to himself: "Hey, I have trouble visualizing the data when it comes to network flows", we can make him a skin that transforms all the data into a swarm of birds or in a phosphorescent cloud. That way, he will be able to spot them more easily, since he will know what to expect ...

— That's cool, guys. And you told others about it?

— Not yet. We wanted your opinion before.

— Well I find that nice. It is true that ideally, the best would be to let the brain imagine on its own, just to be in symbiosis with the machine and the network, but it is a good alternative. "

They showed it all to the others, and everyone was enthusiastic. Erin wanted to continue using the program as is, without skin, but fully understood the usefulness of what the twins had developed.