0x0f.03 - On the web

After some time, a first prototype program was mature enough that Erin, Cherry, Alexis and Victor could test it without fear.

designwebjae @ pixabay
designwebjae @ pixabay

As the tests progressed, they gave feedback to the developers, which incorporated the comments. And the project was moving forward.

Cherry and Erin were progressing quickly. More and more intuitively, they were able to move around and retrieve data and information in the virtual universe, and to follow network flows. However, Alexis and Victor, despite using skins, struggled to find it intuitive.

— "We have to go on the internet at some point," Erin said at last, one evening.

— Yes. It is all well and good to train on an internal network. But in the meantime, we are not moving forward ... added Cherry.

— Yes, it's true. But it's dangerous to let yourself go on the net. What if you don't come back and find your way back? asked Quentin.

— Whether it's today or tomorrow, it will be the same. We both master the confined environment. We could still train for a month that wouldn't add much.

— You're right, said Quentin at last. From tomorrow, we will open your machines to the Internet. However, you will stay together and you won't get far to begin with.

— Don't worry. We'll just go to the next router first, then the next router, then come back. Next time we'll take it a little further, and then a little further after that, ”Erin reassured him, resting her head on his shoulder.

— "OK, let's do it like that."

— I know it's because you care about us and want nothing to happen to us, but it's up to us to judge what we want or not to risk.

— Yes, I know… answered Quentin, sheepishly. But I care about you.

— Yes I know. But Cherry cares about someone too. Who's still locked up there. And if she wants to take risks herself to free him, that's her problem, as long as it doesn't jeopardize # freedomnia.

— Yes, you're right. "

And we opened the network to girls. Victor and Alexis, for their part, preferred to remain still in the confined network.

At first, Erin and Cherry stayed together on the network. By training, they were able to recognize the presence of the other among all the data. Little by little, they separated, sailing further and further.

The possibilities of the implant were enormous, but they seemed to see only the tip of the iceberg.

The protection bypass seemed childish once immersed in the heart of the network.