0x0f.04 - The hunt continues

Erin and Cherry had managed to find a dozen teams on the darknet. While flushing them out was easy, convincing them would be much more difficult.

PublicDomainPictures @ pixabay
PublicDomainPictures @ pixabay

Especially since the girls couldn't really communicate yet. Navigating was easy, modifying some data too, but all communication was complicated.

Quentin and Nightowl took over: connecting to tchats, sending messages… But most teams were dubious. Often, Quentin and Nightowl were kicked out of the discussion, blacklisted from the servers ...

It was then that Cherry and Erin intervene. They lifted the bans and blockades. You had to show your paws and convince that they weren't law enforcement agencies. And by dint of perseverance, they gradually managed to increase the membership of # freedomnia.

However, once they joined # freedomnia, they were really excited. They were pro-freedom people. And what # freedomnia told them about the implant and the Academy was shocking.

— "That's cool," Erin said. At first, I didn't really believe it, but now ...

— Yes, Quentin replied. It's motivating. "

Nightowl arrived and interrupted the conversation.

— " We have a problem ! The Academy has just found our trail. "

They all ran to the PCs.

— "They have just landed in one of our fake HQs, # 4.

— What is the problem ? asked Quentin. We cut the connection with this HQ, and they will not find us ...

— The problem is that Cherry is currently on the network, and the HQ that has been discovered is the one we are routing our traffic through right now! If we cut the traffic, we forbid him to come back. She might get stuck there, not knowing where to return, especially if she doesn't know the link is lost ... And if at that point, they decide to shut down our gear ...

— I'm going, Erin said.

— It's not okay ? Quentin replied.

— Do you have a better idea? Someone has to tell her. I plug in, I go to the false HQ, from there, I find Cherry and we get her out of there.

— And how do you get back if we cut the network on this side? You risk getting lost on the network, not knowing how to get out.

— I don't know, we have to find an idea ... "

Nightowl then took matters in hand.

— "The more time we waste talking, the more likely the Academy will find our trail. Five minutes, Erin. This is the time that I will give you. You absolutely have to cut the link with HQ so they don't find us. You plug in, you go out through the fake HQ, and I close the connection. OKAY ?

— OKAY. And for the return?

— I will transfer the traffic to our HQ # 3. This is how you will have to come back.

— Don't worry. As long as I know where to come back, that's fine with me. "

Erin took a seat behind the PC. She found herself in the virtual environment, and followed the flow of data. She virtually arrived at the fake HQ, but did not stay there for long. No question of risking anything.

Searching for Cherry in the vastness of the internet was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Erin wondered where she would have been if she had been on the network currently, trying to make contact with other teams. From the start, they and Cherry had developed a method of finding their way more easily, a bit like having to touch the right wall in a maze. If Cherry had applied it, Erin was enough to use this method, and she was bound to run into Cherry at some point.

After what seemed like an eternity, Erin finally felt the presence of Cherry. She passed the message on to him. And now that they were there, we had to find a way back to main HQ safe and sound.