0x0f.05 - Back

Quentin and Nightowl were stressing out. Not knowing what was going on, and the inability to act was straining their nerves. They should ask others to implement a console allowing them to speak directly with the implant wearers ...

qimono @ pixabay
qimono @ pixabay

Just to do something and feel useful, Quentin sat down behind a computer and started contacting teams on the internet.

The message he sent them was simple: Erin and Cherry are lost in the network. Make some noise so they can find you. From there, maybe we can help them.

The minutes passed. Still no sign of life from the girls.

Then, after a good half hour, Cherry stirred. Then Erin.

Quentin jumped up from his chair.

— " Girls ? You are back ?

"Yep," Cherry replied, yawning. "

Erin stood up and stretched.

— "We were both lost," she said.

— Fortunately, the smart kids had fun hacking routers all over the place, leaving their signature there… added Cherry.

— We recognized the paw of one of the teams that we had encountered. We followed the flow of data to the personal PC of one of the members of the teams, from there, we bounced on the tchat.

— And since Quentin was connected, we were able to come back by following his flow. "

Quentin hugged Erin.

— "I was so afraid of losing you. I didn't know what to do, he told her.

— Well, you did well. And now we're both here. "

Alexis and Victor disembarked.

— " We have been told. We are so happy that you are here! "

Pierre, who had arrived in the meantime, but had remained discreet, approached. He took the girls in his arms.

— "I'm glad you're okay." Frankly, don't frighten us like that anymore… ”